[SEO tools] Huge discount on keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking and site audit.


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Dec 17, 2015
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Hi, folks. Just in case someone is looking for any of the above, there's a great deal that has been offered to me today via newsletter.

Tool in question - Serpstat. It's a keyword research tool which I'm a fan of and I've written a couple of posts here about it's uses, like the one about Quick On-Page SEO: http://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/quick-on-page-seo-get-to-top-10-with-under-performing-pages.847638/

Anyways they announced that they will add three tools to it (SEO audit, rank tracking and backlink analysis). I didn't find much info about these, so I can't say if these are good, but I guess it should be good enough, judging by their keyword research tool.

You can buy their regular tool now and whatever time is left on your account on august 1st will be upgraded to their full package for free. It's valid until july 15th so it's best to buy on July 14th.

I'm going to buy 3 months on july 14th which means I'll have 2.5 months of backlink and rank tracking for free. Don't care much about SEO audit though.

More info on their blog: https://serpstat.com/blog/new-tariffs/