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    Well, as you know I have been closely following my blogs and traffic to see what is working best with mainly Google but also Yahoo and Bing. I have noticed a pattern developing on a few of my blogs that I thought would be useful to the community.

    When you are using blogs the content on the front pages changes so I have always made sure to also incorporate a static optimized post on the front page. That used to work for keeping my ranking but it started to fail after the last few updates. So, I added a little trick. I wrote a few quality articles on my blog (pages not posts) that had the keywords i am targeting in the articles. In the footer of my blog I added the links to the quality articles with the keywords I am targeting. I then added an image to the pages i created with a link back to my home page with the alt text of my keywords. Since I started doing this i have seen a major increase on Google ranking but also yahoo and Bing.

    So to recap.

    Quality articles (I am using 10 as pages)
    Add Links to Articles in Footer
    Each article has image with alt text linking back to home page.

    I hope this helps some of you as it has helped the blogs I have done this on drastically. I have jumped from position 400 to 18 on one of my main keywords with no more backlinks added.
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