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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by allie12, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Can someone please help me out with a list of the most effective SEO/SEM Techniques?

    I'm new here and would love some help.

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    Crikey, what an open ended question. I will list a few things for you that you definitely do want to do but definitely go out and read a few other sites such as and

    Think about:
    1) Correctly formed title, description and keywords tags - make sure they have you're keywords with good consistency but not spammy, never spammy
    2) Use H1, H2, H3 etc tags for each title within you're comment starting at H1 for you're most important titles and then go down from there.
    3) SEO Friendly URLs - get you're main keywords in each URL instead of using something like index.php?post=3827
    4) Have you're main content load before you're navigation bar if you can as this will give more prominence to your content and less to your navigation.
    5) Get a good amount of QUALITY ONE-WAY links from RELATED PAGES on any old domain. Too much emphasis is given to PR and things like that, ignore that and just get to getting relevant links with your keyword in the anchor text.
    6) Quality content for you're website. If you want lots of search engine visitors you will need good content and lots of it, dupe content can be good to get you off the ground but you will want good content to rank high and stay there.
    7) Inter-linking within you're site, make sure the pages you want to rank highest have lots of internal links to them. Links from you're own site to other pages on the same site do pass link-love and will get you ranking higher and make the SEs index you're whole site a lot quicker.

    That is just a few of the hundreds of things you will need to look into if you want to get ranking and stay ranking. The most important things are you're content and the links ultimately, only you will know how to build great content in your niche but links are a little simpler you can get links from the following places quite reliably:
    1) Social bookmarking sites such as propeller, mytags, digg etc
    2) Directory submissions - you can find particular directories for your niche or use a program such as directory submitter or digixmas directory submitter (my favourite)
    3) Blog comments - search using SEs or programs like Comment Kahuna (free but limited results found), Blog Comment Demon ($47 but easy to download for free if you look) or just use one of the many ******** blog search engines out there. I have a great search tool that you can use at Rank4 Blog Finder, this will find some good blogs for you to leave comments on, don't forget to leave good quality comments relating to the post of theirs as well as leaving a good keyword as your name.
    4) Start up blogs on free blog sites like,, squidoo lens' are great also and create blog posts that are relevant to you're niche with links to your site with keywords as your anchor text.

    Other than that you will need to have a look round, there really is too much to look into than I could possibly write in this post. This took me a while to write so if you found it useful please hit the thanks button.

    P.S I have another great tool for finding relevant blogs for posting comments on, keep you're eyes peeled as it will be coming pretty soon and announced here first. Night night
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