Oct 10, 2011
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Que: How many url/links you accept with each order?
Ans: We recommend one url and 5 Main Keywords with order for best results but you can give us up to 5 url/links with each order.

Que: How many keywords with each order?
ANS: We recommend 5 Main Keywords and 20 LSI and 20 Generic Keywords with each order.

Que: Any special discount on bulk orders?
ANS: Yes, please drop me a PM or email at: [email protected] or you can contact me on skypename: abhinavsidana for fast assistance.

Que: What is recommended turnaround time?
Ans: We recommend up to 30 day’s drip submissions for this package and if you want fast TAT then let us know and we will speed up your order as per your requirements.

Que: Non-English sites or keywords are allowed?
Ans: Yes, we do accept all type of websites. Please write about your foreign keywords details in the order form field “Your Message or Special Instructions” and we will make links on your foreign keywords however content will be in English only.

Que: Do you accept gambling or pornography websites?
Ans: Yes we do accept all niche for this package service.

Que: How many unique/original articles you will write for steroid package?
Ans: We will use 7 Unique/Original Articles (500 Words Each) and rest will be spun.

Contact: 24x7 Support:
Email: [email protected]
Hangout: [email protected]
Skype: abhinavsidana
Live Chat Support: http://InfoSoftware.Biz



Price: $179





Decided to try this service out and i was very please with the results. Still waiting for many of the links to get indexed and I'm sure my ranks will jump even higher! Will definitely purchase another package soon!

Receive my report about 8 days ago.
SERP update:
Keyword 1: N/A - Still N/A
Keyword 2: N/A - Position 81
Hope more links get index and see some more improvement. This is the $179 package.
My SERP Update:

Keyword 1 : N/A to #65 (Super competitive)
Keyword 2 : N/A to #18 (Competitive)

this is an awesome package! will order soon. pls reserve the discount for me. thanks maria7190!
My campaign is not yet finished but I already get a nice result:
Main keyword: From N/A to 33 (low competitive keyword).

I think if campaign is done and all links are indexed, I will get a better result! I will post an update in a few weeks when effects will be stable.
my review, so far so good got initial rankings in top 100 now looking forward to all links being indexed and climbing up the serps
will report back in a couple of weeks with updates
Reports are well done, and there is a lot of effort involved in building these links!

Built it for my new site and results are starting to show, despite using only naked urls branded terms!

Currently this service is in one of my checklist of must-haves for new sites!
report received, good tat, nice report. serp too early to show. good communication.
My project is not finished yet, but so far seen great improvement on my all three keywords:

Keyword 1 : 90 to #12 (High Competition)
Keyword 2 : 88 to #15 (High Competition)
Keyword 3 : 78 to #19 (Medium Competition)

Can't wait for first page :) I will write review once again after getting the report.
Received the SERP Book in Oct 17, about close to 2 months. ranking remain unchange much and the other keyword still N/A

My first order's 2nd review.

KWs are highly competitive from NA to 1x to 2x by one package deal.

View attachment 73695
View attachment 73696
Placed another for a MMO keyword.
Transaction ID: ***********P8636512
I will update my current ranking soonest.
My current ranking for the 2 orders.
First Order
View attachment 73878
Second order
View attachment 73879
Waiting for some badass movement after a month.
So far i am very pleased with this service. It is definitely a great service for the price! You really see the results kicking in after a few weeks! If you have been sleeping on ordering this service all i can say is you're losing days worth of positive rankings! Here are the results of my 3rd & 4th order:

First Website
Keyword Difficulty: HARD

View attachment 73909

Second Website:
Keyword Difficulty: HARD

View attachment 73910
Order placed for a New set of keywords. Transaction ID **********X70923512
My previous two orders are still dancing and no huge movement yet. But it is still early to tell.
I will report back at the end of January if I see some positive movement.
OP send me reports yesterday.
Honest Review :
1. Delivery past TAT
2. Great report on excel sheet.
3. Communication was excellent
4. Ranking KW3 = #55 FROM NOWHERE..

Maybe its will increasing ranking after all links indexing soon .
Overal was a nice service ..Thanks.
Got some good results for the order. Hope you guys can drip feed the link building work and spin readable contents for my new orders. Thank you!
View attachment 74719
Review Time:
I ordered for
this service after reading reviews and I was a bit skeptical about it, but after chatting with OP, I placed 2 orders and here is my current ranking;
And this;

As you can see, am on top 3 for a very hard to rank keyword and am just waiting to see if it will climb up a bit as well as other keywords to start selling on amazon.
Also, I have a MMO keywords which are not EASY to rank for. I have spent $$K trying to rank for this keywords, and with just this one service am on the 2nd and 3rd pages already. I know what is going to happen if my website is ranking on the first page for any of this keywords. $$$$$ & more $$.

Overall, I recommend this service!
Review Time

Just received my 3rd package and the results speaks for itself. The links contained is enough to push a site to the top! The previous 2 orders are still ranking and doing well. I will give my report for 2-4 weeks from today.

My review:
i can't say that that positive movement was from this service because i am using different providers to rank these keywords, but i promised to leave review once and if i see positive movement so here it is.
Report was delivered on time.
Links are appropriate value for money.

Only downside is that seller got really annoying with his review request.
great service so far 2 of my 3 kws hit page 1 pos 10, and one is at 19 very happy so far just thinking about more orders
Order placed for 4x
Transaction ID
Transaction ID
Sent this to 4 Different client websites and am going to update my current ranking when OP provides it.
This is one service on BHW that has been working for me for the past few months. Can't Wait to see where this one will take me to.

Meanwhile, the previous websites I sent this to are all ranking in the top 10!

Yet again this service has done it! Excellent results, TAT was on time, and service is top notch. Here are my results for another website of mine. I have used MANY different services from BHW and nothing can compare.

This is one of the very best service so far i have seen on BHW. i really loved and appreciate the service provided here.
Told Maria that i would love the service provided faster and i got it delivered with report within a space of 5 Days!.

Am really surprised and intrigued about this. Everything is still new to talk about ranking and Serp Movement, but i was provided with Serpbook link to personally track my keyword movements.

Will be updating this thread with screenshot of all serp Movements.
Great Service, definitely one of the best services here in BHW.
Will sure order more. Thanks.
Great service, i promise to share my review about this service, but like the old adage said; A picture is worth a thousand words..
Here's my current ranking for my website, and as you can see, am winning.

Definitely going to make this service one of my best services here on BHW to always recommend to friends..
There's no losing end.

View attachment 75808
Review Time

OP has been my go to guy when it comes to SEOing and I have been getting reports!
Over 4 orders are still in progress and am already seeing positive movement in all of the sites concerned.

This service contain diverse links and I doubt if you are ever going to get screwed by google. Here is a glance of what you get.

* A unique video created for your site, uploaded on youtube and submitted to other video sites
* Edu links on the top havard.edu, academia.edu and a lot more!
* Press Release on some top sites
* And web2.0s on authority websites and a lot more.

I recommend this service to those who are looking to rank and bank!

Received report for 1 of the orders and the screenshot will speak for itself!

This service is great, purchased my third package so far, within the past 31 days!
Transaction ID **********9730840
He did a great job and i am very happy with the delivery. Will update with ranking stat in few weeks.

I have received the report in time and OP has delivered what has promised.
Saw some nice movements on some of my keywords and definitely a quality service worth trying.

Will definitely consider using the service for my upcoming projects..
very nice results, maria! congrats on a job well done. want to order but still have to save up.
Just recieved my report TAT was met EXTREMELY QUICK! Everything looks fine and i will keep everyone updated once i see the serp improvements kicking in! Thanks OP!
Review time.

We have purchased this package three times.

This ranking report was the second purchase on last year Dec.
Keywords competition is high. 0.92 on GKT.

Result as of today.

140 (Dec) -> 46 (Feb 19). I hope it will keep moving up.
View attachment 76516

There are many services provided in BHW, but to be honest, some of them are rubbish. Everyone need to be careful.
Maria is one of very few I will do business with.

Few more words, ONLY buy service that give you a full control of backlinks. If seller can't give you the login/password, then don't buy it. Of course, there are exception like backlinks from huffington post.
Great Services and Great Quality. one of the best here in BHW.
View attachment 76717
Placing new orders now. Thanks for great service.
just received my reports, they look good... will be updating on improvements
Thanks mate. Your support always Awesome
will place order soon
saw great results from this so ordering again. keywords moved up 10+ spots
Got my report on Friday great services been said already :) put next orders soon. Thanks
Just received a report, everything looks good with everything as its advertised.
My ranking graph for a few extremely low comp keyword:
Results as promised
View attachment 77182
Links still being indexed, Will update when we reach higher rankings
Got the report for my last order, Service is great and quality is high. will order more soon. Thanks
Got my report yesterday and I'm impressed with the data included - backlinks are specified and login details were provided.
Also, very positive improvements of keywords provided.

This service so far is the best I have availed here in BHW, not only due to the service itself but also the responsive support.
Also kind enough to respond during the weekend (sorry about that).
Thank you and looking forward to more deals in the future.
Starting to see Good improvement. I am hoping after all the links get indexed it will move up more.
Just place an order for 1 package.
Your transaction ID for this payment is: ************T841534X.
No doubt, this is the best WORKING SEO service in BHW! I have bought up to 7 packages and ALL THE WEBSITES are now ranking top 5.

Excellent Job, we weren't ranked at all but now
View attachment 77774
Will be expecting the rankings to improve over the weeks, all login details given excellent service.
Will order again in a month!
Thanks bro!

Seeing results. Will be ordering more :) Definitely recommended.
I ordered this service for a brand new site and the improvements are absolutely amazing.

Both provided KWs made major jumps and keep climbing.

The order report is very detailed and was delivered before the TAT was up.
All-over a great service that I will definitely continue to use.

Thanks :)
Hi, I've received my order and I noticed a slight improvement in rankings. What I like about this service is the diversity and also the seller is friendly.
Got report and all the links are found. Exactly what was promised, thanks!
Received the report:
Report and Communication seems really good, waiting for some good result. Once i check some improvements will post a detail review about the service.
I am much satisfied with this service. I received the reports today. Quality is better than expected, no issues, and everything looks great. Too early to talk about SERP improvement, but I'm surprised by the report, it jumps! Instant effect!

Great results as always. the last sites we ordered jumped in ranking, amazing service. Will orders more soon.
Reordering! Great service the first time! Lets rock and roll again!
Time for my review: This is a quality service that i highly recommend to others. This service offers allot of diversity great job!
Good communication throughout which is nice to see, and started to see some improvements though hoping they continue in terms of change. If they do, I'll certainly be back for more. Happy to deal with this guy again!
Would post IMG of change[FONT=&quot][/FONT] but not allowed due to not being on here long enough.
Well what can I say apart from excellent customer service and excellent link building strategy, Abhinav is very well spoken and supportive throughout. He really cares about your site and updates you regularly. I had a new site that was not ranked at all have a look at some of the results I got just from using SEO Steroid.

Will definitely be using again in the future, keep up the good work mate. Thanks again!
My Review

Maria is very nice and she communicates very well. I totally forgot I had purchased a package from her and it was done before I knew it.
All the links were there in an excel and all links looked super quality. For the amount of work, the price is definitely a steal.
I will be ordering again very soon.
Thanks Maria!

excellent service all links are quality, nowadays everyone should have links like these in their link profile because they look natural, these links worked great with pbn posts and more of that you can use web 2,0's received in the service as pumper sites and grow them!

Communication with OP excellent 5/5

Quality 5/5

Overall 5/5

These are the best diversification links you can get and will push your site mine has move up for sure and will move even further when all links are indexed! Thanks great work!
I ordered this package 5 weeks ago, the overall results are pretty good considering the price point. I used the package for 5 keywords, currently my site is ranked for position 16, 33, 43, na, na, for those keywords on Google search. The results are much better for yahoo and bing with results holding ranks among #1, #2 and #3 positions on yahoo and bing for the low comp keys (results are likely at least partially due to EMD and precise on page seo). Overall the traffic i'm receiving from this makes this package well worth the money spent and I would recommend using this package!
I bought seo steroid three times and always getting superb results.
View attachment 78898View attachment 78899
This is BHW highly recommended service in my view.

Thank you so much maria7190 for providing me superb rankings.

Will use again!
Got my reports 2 days back. There was a small issue in the reports. Informed him and got immediate response. Too early for the ranking reviews but overall report is good and word is done as they promised. Will order more in the future.
Update: Ranking shot up dramatically not surprised at all. This package is killer! Highly recommended seller.
1 week after the work was done and I already see improvement in my ranking! This is the only service i use on this website and everything is working great! The main keyword i target on this website have 4400 local searches per month. Before the SEO Steroid i was on 45 position in google for this keyword. Now (1 week later) my keyword is on 35 position. Great service. Thanks OP. I will order more very soon.

So I have been placing multiples orders without coming to give my review. My last orders were for my sites and my client sites and here is the result.

1 Site
KW 1: Moved from Not in top 100 to 18
KW 2: Moved from 88 to 22 and still climbing

2nd Site

KW 1= From 11 to 4
KW 2 = From 5 to 2
KW 3 = From 16 to 2
And a lot more are now on the first and second page

Site 3

All the Keywords are now on the first 10 positions.

One of my fav. SEO service on BHW!

Ordered yet another dose of SEO steroid very happy with the results I get from using this service, would highly recommend for new sites as it really gives it a good kick start, I always like buying from maria7190 as he is very professional and helpful, thanks again mate keep up the good work.
Ordered this service a week ago and report was delivered just within 7 days.
Communication with seller is very good and responsive.
Provided 5 low to medium keywords, only 1 keyword was on #47 when campaign started, the other 4 had no rank.
After a week, all 5 keywords are now ranked between #18 - #105.
Screenshot below:
Very happy with the result and will use this service again.
The Order has been placed.
Last 4 digits of Skrill transaction are: 4814
The communication was fantastic. 5/5 for communication.
I hope this service will be as good as the skype guy (Abhinav).
Current Keyword Ranking:
Received my two order reports yesterday. Reviewed all the links and they all look really good. Too early for SERP results, so i'll check back in 7 days for that.
Overall, this is well worth the money. Quality is high and the reports are solid.
Just ordered yet again another SEO Steroid package, it was so good the first time round I couldn't resist ordering again this time for more diversity. Always happy to give maria7190 repeat business as he most definitely deserves it, will update on KW's in a couple of weeks :)

Just placed my 5th order for SEO steroid, this has got to be the best link building package on BHW! I would recommend this service to anyone who needs a major boost in there rankings!
Received my reports :)
Fast and all within TAT. Saw some positive SERPs for all 3 orders
Will write a detailed review once all links are indexed :)
Seeing VERY POSITIVE Serps for my last 3 orders.
So one new order for a brand new site.
Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5W4822*****7090U.
Please take note of the special instructions.
I hit the top 10 after 6 months!
Highly competitive keyword. Will be ordering more

Impressed with the results from this. Thank you!
Ok, so this is my initial review. Client is happy so far. Keywords had a massive jump in rankings as you can see on the initial report:

Rankings seem to be dancing now but it looks like the outcome is positive.
Report is nicely done and well organized, it shows all the links and articles created.
Main critic from the client were the articles. He referred some of them were poorly spinned and perhaps should have been proof read a little bit before uploading. But that was his only critic.
Overall he is happy with the ranking boost and is hoping to get to the top 10 eventually.
Initial Review:
Well, this is the first time I ever bought an SEO service from BHW! The attached images say it all!
I am amazed at the service, I am amazed at the communication and am totally amazed with SEO Steroid. Man, I love it!
I received my report today and believe me, 60% of the links are still not indexed and yet my rankings are going up and up and up in SERPS.
KW1: NA -> 25
KW2: 40 -> 19
KW3: 25 -> 18
KW4: 55 -> 19
KW5: NA -> NA
I want to repeat that these are the results from only 40% indexed links. There are 90% chances that all of my keywords will be in top 5 after all of the links will be indexed.
Overall, I am blessed that I've chosen SEO Steroid and I will be back with more orders.
Thankyou very much!

View attachment 79852
Pleased with results, significant improvement shown. Also happy with the reporting and live link to show ranking improvements. Will use again.
Purchased this Package 2 Week ago, and i'm very happy with the results,
Keywords stats:
from 150-170 to 16 - low-Medium competition
from 150-170 to 15 - low-medium competition
30-60 to 6 - low competition
I highly recommand this package for all new websites.
Here are the results so far. Seen an increase for a few keywords, seems to be still rising slowly. Will update if anything changes.
Well what can I say, I think this is my 6th or 7th time ordering and every single time I do I see massive results and the best thing about it is the money is going to someone who deserves it. Maria7190 is a hard worker and is a very likeable person. Will update on results in around 2-3 weeks. Keep up the good work my friend!
Just placed my second order for this service and it was bulk! I was so impressed with my first order I had to get more! Can't wait to see results for this one!
Received my report. Everything looks great. Really love the diversity of links and anchor text distributions.
View attachment 80357 Review time.
I placed my order probably middle of May. This is a new website.
My money keyword: NA -> 31
Ordered few times since last year. Only few service make me happy on BHW, Maria is one of them. Not always about the results, but also the quality of links.
Good Luck with sales, and PM me when you have discount offer!
Have had GREAT results with SEO steroid Version 1 and Version 2, looking forward to how much better results I get with SEO Steroid Version 3! Awesome graphics too!
WOW! The new design is epic + I can see some new links added.
One of my fav. service in BHW.
Getting results for my second order here, a bulk order with lots of different URL's and keywords. I have been doing more SEO to these URL's and KW's but this service definitely has had a great impact on it all! Love this service and can't wait to come back with more orders!
My KWs were at around 10th, 11st position without any backlinks, which means the KWs are very easy to rank. After using this service, I do see positive movement. KWs are now on around 6th, some links have not been indexed since I asked to drip feed in 20 days. After indexed, I expect ranking will be on top 3 since KWs are low-competition.
Support is good. Report is very clear. Overall, worth to give it a try (I choose this service because there is no PBN in the link structure). I think this service is perfect for diversity purpose.

My Go to SEO service!
So I ordered this service some few weeks ago and here is my result.
Although the links were all created and finish less than 5 days or so, and almost 80% of the links has not been indexed, am see good serp movements on some of the KWs already.

Can't wait for another 2 weeks when all the links has been indexed properly.
Order Placed!
Just bought this bad boy! Looks fantastic. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5J4306624J154015H
REVIEW TIME : Read my detailed review , so you don't need to read page to page lol
Communication ( 10/10 ) :
I contacted maria after seeing massive positive reviews on his service here . I got to admit that seeing something too good to be true usually scare the shit out of me & always make me think twice before ordering lol . After most of my queries got answered by Maria , I went a head and placed my first order . Yeah , the first one . After order completed , I got updated with extremely clear report , easy to track all your links .
Quality , TAT ( 9/10 ) :
I don't usually rate 10/10 as I think there will be always rooms to improve . I asked Maria to drip feed and he did exactly what he promised . How did I know ? Lol I tracked my backlinks profile few times / week to find out new links & how they're indexing as well as the quality . It's always good to be caution as there are so many shitty services here (yeah even on BHW , our home ) .
I ordered with only 1 main keyword to see how this service turn out , it's moderate competition (I thought it's low comp but after LTP moved to majestic data now it's showing moderation competition score , poor me lol ) . Around 10 days ago , I started to see my main keyword moved from N/A to 76 and dancing between 74-76 sometimes disappear lol . So it's kind of obviously that service got some impact on my site as I got some longtail keywords ranked between page 2 to 5 . I'm not getting any traffic yet , it's predicted as my site is only 1 month old .
My site currently got root domain TF 7 CF 8 and money page (main keyword ) TF 8 CF 22 , I got a little worry about this as CF kindda high compare to TF , hopefully things gonna be ok :) . Maybe it's due to the fact I also did some premium site guest post while using SEO steroids .
Finally I got the report few days ago, guess what ? my youtube video was dead and around 20% of my links deleted . So I asked Maria to have a look and he did replaced all my links within 48 hours (even better links lol) , I got some bonus links that only available on SEO steroids V3 , feel like Christmas ;) .
Though most of my keywords still dancing and not showing some "crazy" movements but I'm very happy with all the links I just received in new report and pretty sure as links getting indexed I'm going to get a nice boost . I did check almost ALL LINKS and they're WORKING .
It's not about the links all alive that made me happy but it's Maria who kept his words and did his job . Well done mate :).
Verdict : Awesome experience , now I know previous reviews are real . Highly recommend for anyone who want massive diversity of links to your backlink profile .

View attachment 80636
Talking with OP, would love to buy this SEO service again.
After buying this SEO service for more than 4 times, all i have to say, is that it's one of the BEST SEO Service i've ever come across on BHW.
Great positive Serp movement
Review time:
I'm very satisfied of this service, OP did a great job, communication was good, after one week there is allready improvement in SERP, mostly from nowhere to #30

Great communication, fast TAT, clean and detailed report. Most importantly, the result is very impressive. The image speak for itself about the serps improvement. Not yet all links get indexed. I hope to see further boost rankings in the coming weeks.

Great communication, excellent service, very friendly guy. Service recommended.
View attachment 80817 View attachment 80817
This is time for review. I received my report 14 days ago.
It's very detailled and all links are still alive. This guy know his stuff.
I start seing results in SERP.
The communication was nice with him.

I really enjoyed work with him.
Thanks for your work mate.

I bought this package because my focus keywords dropped towards 4 - 5 last month. I received the report last weekend and I'm already back on 2 - 5! Seller is still working on the indexing so very curious if I get to 1! Will update you guys in two weeks.
After reading a lot of GOOD REVIEWS I decided to try out this SEO service by maria7190 ~ Abhinav.
Further I decided to try this service on super competitive keywords (see the SEO Competition and Monthly Searches in screenshot) and in one of the most difficult niches.

RESULTS: Well what can I say. Improved keyword Rankings say it all. I was never expecting such ranking gains considering the keyword competition involved. But Abhinav proved me wrong with his top notch SEO service. The best part is this guy makes sure to index backlinks slowly and gradually which appear natural. Website rankings are still improving.
COMMUNICATION: Reports were delivered on time with all details. I found one link dead while going through the links, informed Abhinav and BAM! within 6 hours the dead link was replaced and provided to me. Must say this guy is just awesome with client communication. Every email of mine was replied to within 6-10 hours maximum (usually within the first 2 hours itself).
QUALITY: For members who are worried about link quality, they are all good and much better than other SEO providers in BHW marketplace. All links are built manually and content is readable. Web 2.0's have all the right ingredients of whitehat SEO like images, proper anchor text, etc. Improved rankings have STAYED which according to me is an absolute necessity.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Guys go for this service. Abhinav's manual SEO service purchased 2-3 times with GOOD PBN links will certainly land your websites on the first page of Google.
Decent Result, Great communication, I am going to order another pacakge now
Great comunication and fast TAT. Excelent service and very detailed report. Recommended :D
Ordered this service because the reviews were kick ass. I just need this to diversify anchor text so I'm not looking for rankings specifically, more so the link diversity.
Another bulk order completed, amazing service with amazing results as always! Got more orders to come!
One month later:
Very good, order the second package, let`s see how it goes

Have seen a good overall ranking improvement. Still waiting for some links to be indexed so hopefully I will see more results before the end of the month.
Communication was good, efficient and quick and always available. Overall I am happy with the service and have seen a nice boost to my rankings so will consider ordering another package in the future!

Cheers :)
High Quality work, report provided in time.
10/10 service.

My 2nd order and result so far :) . Hopefully things will get even better after indexing all links .
Review Time

I have ordered this service without placing the much needed reviews it needed. Funny part is i always look for reviews before buying any SEO service.:( Will be doing my best to place the raw detailed review of any packages i got from BHW. (a promise to myself):D
I just ordered this service again, for the 5th Time and am getting lots of Result, Positive SERP movements.
The very first time i ordered the SEO Steroid service, to be honest with you, i was really skeptical. But that fear is already gone.
The past orders i placed were of an event website, and i asked OP to rush it, and sure enough, i was able to bank on it. Although i wasn't placed on the 1st positions, because of the urgency, in which i placed the order, i was able to rank between the 5th - 7th position for almost all keywords.
The good thing is that those keywords are now ranking 1st position, and since it's a yearly event, am no longer afraid, it's going to be a piece of cake.
The last Order was completed a few days ago (Precisely 3 days ago) and OP sent me a detailed report.
I gave OP, some high competitive keyword, and was able to rank, from #67 position to #10 position for one keyword.
The ranking are still dancing, but am getting positive serp Movements.
Just placed another Order of this SERVICE once again! Here's my Transaction ID *************735N
Keeping my finger cross, as i expect the normal high quality SEO service from OP once again!


I used op's service in combination with some pbns here are my results,

Definately recommend this service :)

P.S. I just placed another order op

Placed a new order: Order Id Is: 55307
With this service, i have been ranking my websites and that of my clients. And am about to sell one of my website I sent 2 package of this service to for over $10k+
I ordered this service along side a few other services here on the forum about a month or so ago for a client. So to be fair I can't say it was THIS service alone that pushed up my rankings, however these links were among the mix and my rankings have skyrocketed:

Remember guys, link diversity is key, don't expect to rank a medium to high competition keyword from just one service here on BHW.
Here are my stats after about two months from ordering the service.
One keyword didn't rank the rest increased from where i had them ranked previously. If this holds for a few months then it will be def. worth the money!
Review time:

Purchase made a month ago for a new website:
Keywords from no where to 57, 96, 72.
Hopefully will go up higher like last time, will wait a few more weeks and see.

My review after receiving my report 7 days ago for competitive keywords. I hope the keywords can move up a little bit more but I am happy.
View attachment 82003
More orders to come.
awesome, Just got my report now and in few weeks time I will share my result of this service for real
Review time:

KW1: #4 from #7
KW2: #4 from #14
KW3: #7 from #19

Just received my report, will give a feedback once i see improvement.
Time for my review. I gotta say I was blown away by this service. I saw huge movement about a month after I ordered. Check out my movement in the pic.
OP friendly, great service. Highly Recommend !
Getting my report finish this day, The TAT that I got a little bit long but the quality is good, fair enough for this kind of service thx
Seeing results from my latest bulk order with this service! I'm impressed as always!
Well done on previous orders..
Ordering for another new site again :)
Got my report, very detailed. Saw some movement on some keywords. Great job.
Just received my report! OP delivered the order WAY ahead of original TAT. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is serious about getting link diversity & a nice serp rise! Will use again soon!
My 2nd revieuw here on BHW from another supplier:
i did orderd the package whit number:.....1551R
For now the contact whit the supplier whas smooth and answered all my questions!
Because off all the revieuws here in this topic i got some really good hope's for it, but we will see and time needs to learn it.
i will come back whit some changes when more ot the work will be completed and changes are made!
Thanks already

My most recent order got so much ranking less than a week after receiving report. Am so so glad to have found this service. This was for a client and you know what clients love most? PROOFS. I got them, so expect more orders.
See ranking proofs. Most of the Keywords are from Nowhere to the top 50.
Actually, I was busy and then was on vacation thus i unable to review at time. I have given an order at the date of 14th August.
Review Ranking After 40 Days:
I have given the seller 5 keywords.
Here is the ranking on google:
KW1: 29 Previous: Don't know
KW2: 37 Previous: Don't know
KW3: 23 Previous: 39
KW4: 14 Previous: 35
KW5: 28 Previous: Don't know
So, is it worked?
I normally, test lot of strategy. And My KW5 was only for test purpose. Depending on various matter, this article was not strong enough to war because of big search volume KW.
It comes 28 and this is meaning...YES this service worked for me.
So, what can expect from this seller?
If you start a fairly new website and want to Google search engine between 2 to 4 pages without any effort then it is the perfect service for you. (Or if you struggling to send your keyword at least google 2nd page).
And one thing: Seller is good
Review - Received Report

So i placed the order on the 13th of September. Received this morning on the 26th.

This was for a brand new site lets take a look at the ranktracker link:

Lets take a look at the webmaster tools:

Over all im happy with the service. For the price the initial rankings are worth it.

I will post a updated review in two weeks.

First time order from Maria7190. And I can see big improvements this week. Excellent results and TAT was on time. I will order again for more. Very recommended.
Here are my results:
View attachment 83049
Placed 4 more orders for myself and clients :D
This is one of the best ranking service in BHW. You can never go wrong with it. You just need to try it and see.
Transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxT319893P
Transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxX4053122
Transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxE903251A
Transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxx186300Y
This service is really good, i purchased some few days ago for diversification and my keywords are jumping like crazy to top, and this is just the start! Recommend!
Going to post full review once most the links get index, but until now it's being amazing.

Hello, once again, i have placed another Order from my friend service.
One of the best services offered on BHW.

Transaction ID: ************224J
This is an excellent service, I bought this few weeks ago and it has produced great results.
Highly Recommended!
Received my order, everything looks good! I will give me honest review in 2 to 3 weeks
Just received my orders (6 packages), and am already seeing some serp movement. But am going to give it another 3 weeks or so, to give a complete review.
One thing i know is this: This SEO service WORKS!
And OP is always ready to help or give advice on your site(s).
Thanks OP!
I have just received my order and everything seems to be working extremely beautiful!
Thanks Maria, just saw the highest adsense earning for one of the websites i purchased this service for.
Lip sealed, as i wait for more huge serp movements.;)
Good service, good results and great guy! Will order again!
Hi Abhinav,
I had previously used Sarkar's SEO pack (
http://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/x-men-seo-45-phases-of-links-rank-your-site-with-high-da-domains-avg-da-55-cf-40-50-off.697611/) and had received some results. Your pitch seems interesting. How is your package different than others? Should I opt for this?
Most importantly , I am not going to use it for any e-commerce or short-terms money making site, but for my mainstream news website and I don't want any risk of getting banned or penalized by any search engine etc. Even with Sarkar's package, I had given him special instruction to make it as much WHITE SEO type as possible . Do you recommend this package to me with such conditions?
One more thing- Can I place order now but then ask you to work on it after 3-4 weeks since I still need to work on new keywords that I want to rank for .
Thank you.
Just placed my second order, saw SERP improvements from the first one, hope OP will do the same great job.
just placed two orders, this is not the first or third time I am using this service but the service simply works like a charm!
Ordered and saw good improvements in KW's of medium difficulty
Report receive, 1 of keyw was show improvement form nowhere, honestly i dont know its because these service or my other project with another seller.
Still wait until the links got index for all, op will do the manual dripped progress for that

I bought over 5 packages some weeks ago, and right now, here is my current ranking. All the websites i bought this service saw a positive SERP change.
Placed My first Order.
Transaction ID: 6WD6*********
Having ordered this service several times and seeing great serp Movements, i think it's high time i start screenshotting the proofs.
Thanks Maria for this awesome service!
I just received my report order, sounds great, waiting for great results now.
Placed my third order, rankings are looking good!!!
Placed a new order for one of my other webshops because results where verry good!!!
i now got a monthly subscription for there service, because of the good results!
i can really recommend these guys for there work, service and know how :)
Hi, I've just placed an order: 55556
Look forward to it, and appreciate the discount. One thing which stands out from most of the services here is the providing of a SerpBook tracking link.
Thanks again.
Your service seems to be of good value so I made my third order!
Transaction ID: ************5191N
Will be placing another order very soon.
Nice service here.
Just bought a copy of "huge diversity" with orginal content and maria made some great suggestions. I highly recommend. I'm excited for great results!
Placed an order back in August and am still seeing improvement in rankings. Great buy! PMing you a question for a follow up order. Thanks!
Just placed another order for this service, must be my 10th time now!
Thanks, order successfully received! Great work
My 8th order is under process. I saw amazing rank improvement after using his service along with other service from BHW. The reports are always in detail which are easy to understand and i can access to all platform one by one easily. great communication and highly recommended service.

I bought this package and it is really amazing! The diversity is huge... Got 300 RD (Referring Domains) to my moneysite. Got the backlinks report after 25 days. And now, after those backlinks started indexing, my targeted keywords are increasing in rankings day by day. 6 of my targeted keywords are already in Top30, and only 20% of links are indexed yet. Wow!
Do not hesitate to purchase this service. OP is almost always online in Skype and replied to my questions within 1 minute.
My vote: 10/10! Keep it up guys!!
Excellent! - TRUSTED Gold star service! :D

I've used similar type services on BHW over the years but none compare to this as it really does produce positive SERP movement. Very happy to provide a review & recommend to others who are serious about getting significant gains on their SERPs
I have medium to high competition keywords and each one saw major improvement within 30 days. Fantastic value for money & a worthwhile investment that I will continue to use for other projects

Just got my report and have to say that I am really impressed by the depth of coverage this service provides. Overall, very satisfied and will definitely buy again soon. Really excited to see what results it drives! Thanks again!

Just receive a very impressive report yesterday, per seller, they will index these links slowly. Looks very good and I'm confident with their job, will update the SERP one week later.
Hey! Got my report some time ago, here are my results i.imgur.com/AXQnFXK.png
I can agree with the others, for its price this is a top notch service! Will try it again soon.
Always a pleasure working with maria7190.
Ordered another 2 packs with 100% unique article.
Please confirm.
Placed a new order: Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxxJC567223B
Guess what guys? This service has rocked all my websites all through 2016 and I have sold a couple of websites, all thanks to Steroid!
After reading so many positive reviews decided to place my first order ... Cant wait to see this service first hand...

It's been about thirty days since i ordered, these are today's rankings. Waiting on final report. Very similar keywords, but only targeted top 5 volume kw's.
Review: Ordered a package over a month ago and my main keyword went from N/A to 21 (and it's still moving up!). There was also a huge increase in ranking for all other keywords.

KW 1 - N/A to 21
KW 2 - N/A to 19
KW 3 - N/A to 21
KW 4 - N/A to 21
Results are great and i'll be ordering again for my other sites! Thanks!

Another Order is Placed with Abhinav !
After Previous Success . Powerfull Package !
KW 1 - 11 to 9
KW 2 - 17 to 9
KW 3 - NA to 30
KW 4 - 11 to 10
low competitive keywords
Awesome, I did not expect ranking to go up as I only outsource it for my SEO client.
But looks like ranking is going up during the 1st month after completion.

Contact: 24x7 Support:
Email: [email protected]
Hangout: [email protected]
Skype: abhinavsidana
Live Chat Support: http://InfoSoftware.Biz



Price: $179


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Oct 6, 2008
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I cant update about rankings as its only few days after completion. But OP provided detailed report and links are still live, yet many links have to get index.

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Looks good, will wait for some new reviews to come in. On a side note, I didn't see a 'buy' button anywhere on your thread so you may want to check that. I also see a spelling error in big bold red writing near the top - should be 'fed up', not 'fadup'.
best of luck with things :)


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Oct 7, 2015
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Ordered and paid. I would love to review this.

I building it on a total new website. Competition is medium to high.

Transaction ID: *******B3777928


Dec 17, 2012
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any review copy avaialable?

can you send me some samples on edu links and article submissions?

do you give discounts on bulk orderS?



Oct 10, 2011
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I cant update about rankings as its only few days after completion. But OP provided detailed report and links are still live, yet many links have to get index.
Thank you so much BigBuddy for approving my thread and nice review about report and links. I am hoping nice improvements of your keywords in next few days, I will update you soon.

Im going to use coupon code.
Thats great, I have also replied of your pm, please check it....

Looks good, will wait for some new reviews to come in. On a side note, I didn't see a 'buy' button anywhere on your thread so you may want to check that. I also see a spelling error in big bold red writing near the top - should be 'fed up', not 'fadup'.
best of luck with things
Thank you jamesjk1 for your wishes. Yes reviews are coming in next few days :)

Thanks for letting me about the button and spelling error :rolleyes:, I have changed the button location, now its perfect :)

I hope you will order soon!

Good luck with your sales.
Any small review copy or early bird discount available?
I have sent pm to you, please check it!

Ordered and paid. I would love to review this.

I building it on a total new website. Competition is medium to high.

Transaction ID: *******B3777928
Wow Thank You so Much maxchen for your superfast order :) I will try my level best for your project!


any review copy avaialable?

can you send me some samples on edu links and article submissions?

do you give discounts on bulk orderS?

Yes A few review copies are still available, Also I have sent the samples via pm, please check it.

Must try this for sure
Thank you sobyschwartz, I hope you will order soon!

Looks good.. Good Luck with your sales!
Thank you so much for your wishes :)

bookmarked. send some samples. thx
I have sent samples via pm, please check it.

Good Luck for your sales
Thank you so much for your whishes ambitious.

want to see some result that you have achieved
Yeah sure, here is two projects we just done.



Price: $179

24/7 Day's Support Available on:

Email: [email protected]
Hangout: Seoserviceinfo
Skype: Abhinavsidana
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Oct 10, 2011
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Send me some samples.


Can you send me some sample reports? Thanks OP

Please send me some samples, anymore discount on more than 1 order?

is it possible to see some samples ? thanks

I have sent pm to all of you, please check your inbox....



Price: $179

24/7 Day?s Support Available on:

Email: [email protected]
Hangout: Seoserviceinfo
Skype: Abhinavsidana


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Oct 12, 2015
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Paid, will post my review after seeing the result. :p

Transaction ID: 7LH17560FH548233D


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Jun 10, 2010
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Samples please. And which software are u using to spin, is spinning still safe?