SEO, Social Marketing and Content Creation in Spanish needed

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    I'm looking to help out a friend, who is a veterinarian in a small Spanish village. He needs a greater web presence, and currently has a WP site installed.
    Looking to get positioned for keywords in his local area in organic search, plus the ability to have/build an email list, and to build social connections. The odd spurt of backlinking and press releases wouldn't go amiss either.

    This is for mainland Spain, as far as SE positioning goes, and content needs to be produced in Spanish (although the site itself should be made bilingual Spanish-English).

    Budget is around $250 initial payment, with up to $150 monthly recurring.

    If you can provide this sort of service, please shoot me a PM.


    PS This is help for a friend, I am NOT looking for any "cut", nor to be a "middleman", I'd want your best prices/offers to go direct to the vet himself.