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Dec 18, 2008
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Anybody interested in doing SEO for my site Let me know what you will do do get me better rankings and how much you will charge.
We would do if assigned, and are analysing your site. contact us for details
Great site by the way. Your keyword selection could use a little help however. It looks like you site is done in Joomla? Here is what we can do for you:

I have a team of SEO people I have trained here in the Philippines. We are specialists in blogging and keyword analysis. We find your keywords and create blogs around them. We ping and submit to RSS aggregators. We backlink, get links by commenting in other one way ******** blogs and we use track backs. We use all kinds of bookmarks. We use pictures and videos targeted towards your niche. We use Squidoo lenses and max them for SEO and even commenting giving 5 stars. We can use every "whitehat" technique you can think of. Still I would never guarantee #1 position. What I could guarantee is DOMINATING that page on Google. Of course, I would need to see what keywords you want and your competition. I would also need to know how much money you are willing to invest on this campaign. You may also need some onsite SEO before you begin. I have 10 SEO people here right now who could make it happen for you. Do want to launch 20 or 40 Blogs targeting your niche and driving traffic to your website? Do you want us to do it ALL for you? Imagine having 40 mini websites generating traffic to your main website. Or, 20 or 40 Squidoo lenses? You can make a good revenue just off Squidoo lenses! Also, imagine that we insert all your banners with affiliate code in them wherever we can! You can put us on autopilot! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Here is the catch however. You can get it done cheaper here at BHW and in India. But you will never get it done as good as we do it. Never! Sorry for the Caps.
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