SEO Service for new authority/niche sites?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by buzzcore, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Apr 7, 2013
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    Hi Guys, I have been searching the marketplace and I cant find a service like this anywhere.

    There are a lot of people trying to start up new niche/authority sites and I think we need a service directed at new websites with a fair amount of content/pages. My latest website is quite new and has about 10 articles that I wan't to rank for so far and I will be adding another 10 soon. Purchasing a marketplace seo service for each page will be both very expensive and overkill, probably leading to a penalty.

    What i need and i'm sure others do as well is a service that doesn't focus on ranking 1 page, but instead distributes a few backlinks and social signals to many pages focusing different keywords. (I'm not an seo expert so I don't know exactly what I would need/wan't)

    So if you know of a service or can provide this sort of thing please let me and others know here.
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    What you need is contextual links like web 2.0 to establish some link presence and possibly prepare the ground for better links.

    However, if you are looking to really rank high on the SERP for your money keyword you need to do better.

    Certainly, good SEO is going to cost you.
    And for you to reap the benefit you need to focus on niche/keywords that are relatively profitable,
    perhaps something that can generate $600+ monthly.
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    Hi I wrote a plug in where you can have it created pages based on keywords or local keywords and it will create pages on demand .. it can also post automatically your content to facebook groups or time line or fan page, twitter, blogger, linkedin. The content is super spun type and so it can drip feed different content per schedule. Also you put in your own content ... so it's always readable. The page it created ranks great for local searches especially niche based per city. You can be #1 on google hands off literally. You can pm me for my website propaganda - and read more about it.