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SEO questions I can't find answers too.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by shdwmyst, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. shdwmyst

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I am spending hours wasting valuable time I could be putting to use with the right knowledge.

    I need some pointers so I can prevent a lot of costly mistakes with SEO services here that may not even do that well for the setup I have. There is a keyword that is less than 2 weeks old so competition would be cake if I had the right guidance.

    I have a lead capture system and there is going to be 50+ users. Each one has their own ending tag stemming from the domain www.xxxxxxx.com/myidhere

    I have a link with an ending tag I promote as well on my domain. It is a lead capture page so it is one page and a thank you page after the prospect requests more information. I see companies replicate sites for members all the time and do not get penalized, they get #1. I have heard that having duplicate content can hurt your rankings. I don't see how that is true since companies that replicate pages for members always rank well.

    I am subscribed to the LinkPushing service but not sure if that is enough. I see services for XRumer, edu links, etc... So many services to choose from but I need to get my facts straight on how it affects my current setup.

    Would I be better registering a separate domain and try to run WP or would I benefit by have 50+ members having their own ending tag to my domain and keep linking to it?

    Lastly, would it help taking 301 redirects with the keyword in the domains and pointing to the site I want to generate traffic to? Can 301 links get ranked in SEO?

    On a side note, if anyone offers training or can refer me to SEO training I be interested. I need to maximize my time with solid information instead of wasting hours and hours while letting other things I need to work on slide...