SEo Questions... answer them and get a free xrumer blast!

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    Hey guys, I have heard alot of bs on here and many half truths. I have some serious seo questions and am looking for a knowledgeable mofo to answer them correctly. So for those that know, hit me up with a reply and I will reward 1 5k success xrumer blast to the first person that gives me the answer that I want. I know that noobs aren't always unintelligent, but I do respect the answers of the more senior members of this board and tend to trust their answers. So here they go:

    1 Can anyone provide verifiable proof that their website was de-indexed for link spamming?

    This example needs to be one with no other bs involved that could be a factor, such as dirty content, content theft, redirection, cloaking, malware distro, etc. I am looking for a general white hat site with no games that was de-indexed solely for link spamming. If you have had this happen to you, then pm me with a link to the site and relevant info, to include the number of blasts that were made to the site and the size of the blasts.

    By PM is preferred. !st one that provides a satisfactoy answer gets 5k success links to the domain and anchor text of your choice.

    2 Does adding a RTA meta header or registering with cyber sitter and other sites harm site ranking for google?

    You need to know this info for a fact. Info by pm, 1st one to be correct gets a 5k success links blast to the domain and anchor text of your choice.

    3 Footprints... I am looking for some new unique footprints to backtrack.
    Here is the deal, guestbooks and other places were hit by many viagra guys and other peeps for years. What I am looking for:

    A complete footprint for a viagra link or other similar link that was posted over one year ago. I need the URL that the comment is posted on and the complete text of the comment.

    I will give away five 1k successful links blasts for this. Each person that provides a unique footprint that matches the requirements above will receive a 1k success blast. I will give away 5 blasts in all. Each person has to provide me a unique footprint. Don't send me one, then have your buddy send the same one again.

    Blast Details: I want to be 110% clear about the details of what I am offering as a reward.

    1st: The first person that satisfies my requests or curiousity for each request above is the winner. I will check pm's in the order that they are received. Once I have the right answer, I will post the winners name and the number of the question that they have answered for me. Once this has been posted, that question is answered.

    2 When you Pm me, at the bottom of the pm, I need the url that you want for the xrumer blast and the anchor text that you want for the link. This will not be a unique post with a special text or special list campaign. I am running a large campaign to obtain a zlinkslist. The post is a generic four sentence post that will be suitable for any link. I will simply rotate your link in instead of mine and let it run until the success reaches the amount of links that I specified earlier.


    4 As I am giving away 7 free blasts, they will be completed in the order received. I reserve the right to take up to 48 hours in order for all blasts to be completed.

    In closing, I feel that I must give back something to BHW, so I will post the answers to questions 1 and 2 on this post after all is said and done. Any domain names will be held in privacy and not posted on the forums, unless the respective owner allows this specifically. Question 3 is for my personal use and not relevant to people that aren't advanced xrumer users.