SEO question, regarding how to rank pages?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by smithy, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I've played with article submission and noticed in 2 weeks that a page of mine has come from nowhere to page 3 on google which is a great start, but it's not my main page 'the money page', it's my optimised page for that keyword.

    So here's my question, should I focus on getting my "money" page ranked for this term "over" the optimised page or should I just ensure I try and get people to click straight from this page to my "money" page?

    Which is a better long term strategy as wouldn't it be easier to rank optimised pages instead of always the money page or will I suffer a huge reduction in sales?

    Another thing I was wondering is wouldn't it be better if my site showed sub pages as well as main pages e.g.

    Currently how sites listing in google:

    mysite/optimised page

    Subpage showing in google:

    ......mysite/optimised page

    And any idea how to get google to show main and subpages?


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    in time g will show both the optimized page and the main page.

    right now your main page/home page will show instead of the optimized page because the link juice is carried forward, since the optimized page is linked to the home page, the home page gets the juice for that keyword.

    if you wanted a sub page and not the home page to show then you would need to carry the juice backward.. meaning.. the subpage should be linked from the home page but not from sub to home page...

    sales wize.. its best that the keyword they come in from is the page they land on which takes them thru to the sale