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    Hey guys. I just finished my keyword research and chose the 2 best keywords that suit my product and have good search volume but less competition and the quality of competition is also OK. I can outdo them by next week.

    So I have been always writing 1 article per keyword but now I am thinking about writing 1 article for 2 keywords.

    I mean, I write just 1 article 500-600 words optimised for both the keywords as follows :

    1. Keyword density is 3-4 times each keyword
    2. Including each keyword in the domain name. (I may use Web 2.0 property)
    3. Using both in description
    4. Use both in title
    5. use both in header

    My question is if I do all the above and put the article on a web 2.0 property and then build links to it using the keywords alternatively and add 50 links to the page for both the keywords i.e 50 for Keyword 1 and 50 for keyword 2.

    Would I be able to rank for both of them using the same article?

    I think I would coz the article, header, URL, title, description are optimised for both and I am building links for each of the keyword seperately but to the same page.

    Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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