SEO/PBN Domains. Great Quality & Reputation. Huge Variety

Thank you for the great continuous interest in our SEO domains and service. I've just sent a PM to all. We keep adding new domains all the time. Make sure to use our "Domain Alerts" feature to not miss any!

For the past 5+ years I've been running a successful SEO domains service. Among our many happy clients are are well known SEO "gurus" and agencies.

Thanks to our advanced algorithms and manual checks that we have perfected over the years we can guarantee that all our domains meet the highest quality standards for:
  • Authorized Backlinks - Our domains are LOADED with backlinks from the most authorized sources of the internet. These backlinks are the main source of the domain's SEO value. And we provide a complete backlink analysis that is being verified every day, so you know exactly what you pay for.

  • Clean-History & 100% Spam-Free - Our domains are SAFE for use (as far as it goes to SEO domains). This is a result of many advanced automatic and manual analyses that we perform for each domain, and it's cannot be undertaken - dealing with domains that have been misused in any way can infect your ENTIRE network of PBNs and money-sites.
Our Domain Inventory
  • We got hundreds of amazing SEO domains and getting new ones all the time.
  • Our prices vary - from budget domains (as low as $50) to high-end premium domains (all the way to $2k+ per domain).
  • We have very advanced filters and search tools to help you find the domains you want. Like:
    # Finding domains with specific manual-category (niche) - we categorize all our domains manually.
    # Finding domains related to specific keyword - each of our domains has a list of relevant keywords from automatic and manual checks.
    # Finding domains with specific backlinks - we can find you domains that have many backlinks from specific URLs (like or from .UK websites).
    # Finding domains in a specific language - we analyze the language of all the backlinks, so you can easily find domains having many backlinks in a specific language.
  • Important Clarification About Niche - since we deal with domains that used to be real websites and got their authorized backlinks NATURALLY, you will very rarely find specific "money-site" niches (for example plumbing or loans). This is exactly why we recommend using our domains as PBNs - so you can control the exact niche you need and pass it to your money-site.
Get a Domain Quote + Special Offer for BHW

Contact us (leave a reply, PM or via Skype - check profile) and ask for an access to our inventory or for specific domains (with any of the filters mentioned above).

Only for BHW members - get a lifetime extra 10% discount & also 20% credits back on your two first orders!
Interested, please.
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