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    Below is not a direct quote, just the gist of a brief conversation I had with my affiliate manager at one of the CPA networks. I'm new with promoting CPA offers though I've recently broken through to 4 figures monthly with other methods.

    Basically, he said that SEO for landing pages holding CPA offers is a waste of time and energy. The money is in PPC.

    I was just on the verge of building then promoting CPA landing pages via SEO but now I have serious doubts after him saying that they haven't had much success with that method.

    Your thoughts appreciated.
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    You kind of need to do a little SEO in PPC so you can get a good quality score from
    Google. But depending on SEO for your business is too big a risk because the search engines change things so much. PPC gives you the control you need in a business.
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    Yes, I agree with MrNoob.

    PPC is giving you the speed you need to get FAST, very FAST traffic for your business, and it's giving you the opportunity to make money in minutes after launching the campaign.

    That's why your affiliate manager told you "SEO for landing page is a waste of time and energy."

    Anyway, If your landing page proves to be a profitable one, you should pay some extra attention and invest some time in SEO too, and bring more and more traffic to that landing page.

    Just SCALE it!

    I'm sorry for my bad english.
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    seo is better than PPC

    google said that : SEO VS PPC = 70% traffic vs 30% traffic
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    yeah but SEO takes alot more time and takes longer for results.
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    You are absolutely right. When you want customers now, PPC will do the trick. This is probably why most seo's will tell you to always optimize for the longtail keyword terms - broad generic terms will just get you untargetted traffic and a hefty bounce rate.
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    SEO - is something that is hard and has to be worked on everyday. The results are not promised or guaranteed. You could work your ass of and never see any return even if it is negative. Also building SEO around a landing page for a CPA offers is different that a landing page for PPC. There is optimization involved, content and all that good stuff. That being said SEO can make you a lot more in the long run that PPC if done right. You can do it with no out of pocket money, just hard work and some blackhat. It can just take some time and research. The best things to target in SEO are longer tail searches that do not return like 100,000,000 results. If you learn it and do it well. You can rank on the first page in less than 3 months. Sometimes less than 1.

    PPC - PPC is a good thing for some quick cash. However, you still have to work. There is more out of pocket expense and people do lose their ass. PPC is also about optimization. Finding cheap longtails, split testing, watching clicks and conversions. You can make money yes. I think PPC is a compliment to use in SEO. It can really help you in rankings and also bring in something when you main page is not up there on the big "G".

    With all this being said. SEO is way better than PPC in the long-run. PPC can help SEO. Work on both learn both. You will be surprised.

    Think of it this way. Let's say you do research and find a term that has around 500K competing and around 500-1000 searches a day. If you get spots 1-3 you are looking at about 400-700 page views a day easy. With Adsense or another pay-per-click ad platform if you got just a .025 click thru on your ads per visitor that would be 10-18 clicks a day. Now lets say you get .20 cents a click. $2.00 - $3.60 a day x 30 = $60-$90 a month. Scale 30 or 40 longtails and you are set.

    Yeah my math can be flawed it is just a general idea of how it "could" work.
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    My answer, both.

    To be honest your affiliate manager probably doesn't know what he's talking about, which is normal. They are on the sidelines for a reason, because they don't know how to market for themselves. How long does it take to generate 2k relevant pages of junk to feed spiders for longtail ranking vs setting up ppc campaigns? Yeah, a little longer, but not that much longer. He is thinking whitehat of course, because he has no knowledge of bhseo and what it can do.

    PPC is one of the biggest sources of traffic to go with, if you don't take advantage of that by now that's exactly what's happening; you aren't taking advantage of it. It costs money to test and for traffic but once you eliminate the poor converting keywords/urls you're good to go. This can be done by using tools such as the adwords editor and appending keywords to the end of subids so you can see exactly which kw's are converting.

    In short, don't listen to your affiliate manager in how to market. Scour bhw, goto irc chat, other forums, or one of the paid membership sites that a few of our members run. Managers and even owners sometimes are clueless when it comes to innovative ways to get traffic, and automatically assume we're doing something wrong if they don't know about it. Even last month one of my am's didn't even know what contextual traffic was and thought i was the one distributing adware and malware on the users computers lmao...

    Use anything that you can easily understand; bhseo, ppc, ppv, media buys, whitehatseo. If they decide not to like what you're doing then just move onto one of the other 50 available cpa networks that will be glad to take your traffic.