SEO or Facebook ads and instragram influencers to boost sales

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    I'm starting out an ecommerce store selling different things but all come under one niche. I wanted to know what would be beneficial if i go about and start advertising on facebook ads and start using instragram influencers or should i go with SEO.

    - If i go with proper SEO of my website what will be the duration i will start seeing sales through this method. Will it be really long that i should have to wait 2-3 months before seeing results from SEO. What will be cost package i will be looking at.

    - On the other hand FB Ads and Influceners is pretty straight forward process but it does leak alot of your investment like you have to pay regular to get sales going.

    P.S : If there is anybody who can help me with marketing strategy
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    SEO is a slow incremental long term game. When you achieve big success in online retail the SEO portion ends up being 5-15% of your channel revenue. You can expect 40-60% to come from your email lists. And the rest comes from social and PPC. Ultimately you will want them all. Why say no to more sales?

    If I were starting a new online retailer for the first time. I would focus on these priorities:
    1. Find great products people everywhere will want.
    2. Buy them at a price where there is room to make money. (When I started I sourced from China at $0.25 per unit and sold for $15 per unit with free shipping)
    3. Make a great website that is inspiring and easy to use. (but don't reinvent the industry...just make sure it is a place you would love to shop at.)
    4. Make great customer service policies that you would want to see from other retailers where you shop.
    5. Product photos, 360 degree videos, large category token images
    6. SEO Friendly product names
    7. Product descriptions
    8. Reviews and Ratings and social likes and shares
    9. A Separate but synergistic blog... Fashion blog if you sell beauty supplies, Man Cave blog if you sell poker tables...
    10. Do all the math twice. When I started for the first time I calculated landed cost and accounted for bad units received, shipping, my time,etc. I knew before I ever placed an ad that I could replace an order twice no questions asked and still make money and I could go as high as $7 per order on my ad spend considering my $15 average cart and costs. (I had startup costs too... shipping supplies, pick bins, shelves, etc... was about $1000 including stock)
    11. Figure out a PPC strategy as well as a facebook sponsored story strategy. PPC goes direct to your product page. Sponsored stories goes to your blog which advertises your products on very edgy but related posts.
    12. Just remember you have to tune and re-tune and run a/b ad experiments. New ad creative and new promotions. Make your site and offers seasonal. Communicate often. Grow your lists in all channels.
    13. Affiliate codes... offer commissions when people promote your products on their blogs and social pages. Then reach out and make offers to share the rewards.
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