SEO Optimization of Your Instagram Account

Serg Weider

Jun 29, 2016
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I've been meaning to write this for a long time, as I have seen many questions on the forum from other users.

What do people mean when they say optimize an Instagram account? It's worth saying that there are very few opportunities to apply SEO tools on Instagram, but getting into a Google search is quite achievable. In this case, the account itself can be used as a store for goods and services. Therefore, the priority task in the first place is to get into Google search. The content of such an account and working with it will be different from personal accounts.

The first thing you need to do is choose your account Name. It should include:
1. A keyword. It's best to find the most popular query for your topic. Look at the keyword statistics through Google Keyword Planner. Select the most popular query. For example – Fishing Lures.

2. Also, the name must include the geographic location of your business; that is, a particular city. For example, Ottawa.

3. That is, the final word combination you get is Fishing Lures Ottawa. But that's not enough. You should add some more products with high competition among other stores. For example, Fishing Lures And Spinning Rods Ottawa. Now that's better.

Your Username:

Use only real word combinations, store names, your popular nickname, and so on. Don’t use such usernames as @uefjhejrf1123 . Such Usernames are used by bots, which means you will be suspected of spam. In addition, the conversion from signing up and promoting the account will be lower than that of ordinary people.

Your Bio:

What do you write here?

I'm terribly annoyed by emoticons; they make people wonder is it a description or a gallery?

In the Bio, you should state everything very simply. No need for superfluous.

An example of unnecessary information:

We are the best on the market, we offer high quality and low price – this is not specific, you just get lost among competitors and get no results.

Straight to the point:

- Certified Master, University Diploma;

- Rates start at $5;

- Free consultation;

- Meeting with a specialist is free;

- The first lesson with a trainer is for free;

- Tick the + if you want your diet for free;

- Take the quiz below and find out what kind of person you are.

You need something specific. And remember – people need to be told what to do. Your client is a lamb and you are a shepherd. Every next step of your client must be through by you.

The following is an example of a sales funnel:

A woman passes a test to know what eyebrows fit her – then she goes to the site to find out the result – and then she gets to contact the master who will make her those eyebrows.

It’s all simple.


Specify your site, if you have one. If not, create a promo site where you can be contacted quickly. If you have a Landing Page or a large website, try to put as much information about you as possible on the first page and convince them what they need to buy from you (and explain how to do it). If you have a poorly designed website, you will not have conversions and sales from Instagram.

Warning: This is not the ultimate truth. It is information that we ourselves have collected when working with clients. We hope you use these tips to your advantage and without harming others.


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May 28, 2022
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I never knew such things existed, thank you so much for sharing these tips.