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May 5, 2016
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Very often I am asked questions such as: How to Promote Landing page in search? How to improve the position of the landing page in Google? And focusing on the demand, many unscrupulous agencies are even offering a promotion of landing page as a separate type of SEO service. But be careful! How can you promote the Landing Page?

That's right: in no way!

You can not promote the Landing Page in the search, in the full sense of the word. Promotion implies a plurality of pages on a website. Pages relevant to users' requests, with useful content, infographics, internal link structure and meta tags. But Landing page - it is just one page, that responds to a specific request, but just one!

The structure and format of the Lading Page sharpened by contextual ads and the problem of such site - to convert the traffic out of context in order. Here the rules of copywriting, structure and ways of presenting information. By the way, these methods can be successfully applied in the framework of the full site, but that's another story)

In this article, let us consider what are the SEO techniques are applicable to the landing page.

SEO optimization of landing page

• Identify the main request, which Landing Page corresponds to
• Enclose the main title of the first screen in the tag <H1>
• Prescribe title of the page
• Prescribe meta name description
• Fill keywords in the meta-tag
• The alt attribute
• Prescribe robots.txt

Compliance with these simple recommendations will enable to search engine robots to determine more precisely in what queries your page can be displayed. Come responsible for the definition of a key request and make sure that it would best suit the content on the page.


Do not forget that you can use the H1 tag on the page just once, and the rest sub-headings shall be in tags <H2> and below. Very often web designers sin with excessive abuse of H1. You may also want to discuss this point at the stage of drawing up technical assignment.

Tag <title> may contain a direct entry to request, in contrast to H1, which assumes a more artistic and should primarily serve as a trigger of attention.

Meta name description – helps to make attractive snippet of our Landing page. That snippet often plays a decisive role in deciding "Is it worth it to me to open this website?"

Fill the meta tag keywords. Many people ignore this field, but we all know that SEO is made up of little things.

ALT attribute - the alternative text name of images, that displayed on the page, in the case of image-loading problems. Using the photo content, images and infographics – is “must have” for every Landing Page. Prescribe all the alt attributes, which would attract an additional source of traffic - image search.

Setting up a robots.txt file to landing page

Most likely unwillingness or neglect of a robots.txt file - this is another bug of your web developer, along with the use of multiple H1. Countless number of times when I was seeking answer to the question "Why is my Landing Page is not visible in the search results?" I stumbled on the following picture:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Which in translation means: the site is closed from indexing a little more than full. In such way the web developers do by default, at the time of creation of the page, they simply forget to rewrite Robots and open it to search engine spiders.

Site Optimization – it`s a kind of puzzle where it is important to pay attention to each element, to see the beautiful picture in the end. All of this can be attributed also to the perfect landing page!
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