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SEO Niche Adsense Site To Direct Sales?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by singingsleep, Nov 1, 2014.

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    Dec 13, 2008
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    Anyone have any experience going from a successful adsense niche site to using the site to sell the product direct?

    I have always been interested in getting niche sites going, but was never able to get the right keywords. After years of learning on the side, I finally got a good niche keyword and gave it a shot. The site is clean, simple, has like 15 good 1000+ word self-written articles. I used some safe adsense placement tricks I learned here. Site ranks first page for nearly all terms, and beats out a lot of other pretty strong sites, and it's even in a semi-health niche. The clicks are worth up to $2.50 too, but the average click is about .50 cents, which I think is pretty good. What's really great though is the site gets at least one click per 20-50 visitors, usually even less. The site does not get a whole lot of traffic though, probably because I haven't worked on it very hard and also probably because the niche is a little small. But it's a great niche in that people visit the site, spend some time on it, but the people that go there are looking to buy, and they read about the subject and click through to buy.

    What I have been thinking for a long time is that I could just sell the product myself. It's not a hard product to attain, and I have knowledge with all aspects of online sales so I know exactly how to do it. What I am wondering is if it's worth it. There is not that much competition that is selling the product, and I assume they must be making money or they wouldn't pay that much per click. But if I take all the product-specific ads off my site,will they order from me instead? Would it be better to dropship or promote a direct affiliate? Amazon ads maybe?

    I know I could try it myself and know for sure, but I am just wondering if anyone has ever done this before and what kind of results they had. If I worked on the site more I am positive I could get it up to where it makes $30+ per day on adsense alone, not sure if I want to mess with a good thing already going here.

    Any input appreciated, and thanks :)