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    well, I'm a young guy with big ideas. The problem with such ideas is that they've often led me to nowhere. I'm hoping Adsense + good SEO can change that for me.

    Currently I'm operating two wordpress sites with two domains that I only paid a total of $20 for.

    Total Expenditures thus far: $279.84

    Domains: $20.32
    HostGator Baby plan: $7.96 per month (paid for a year) $95.52
    Ctr Theme for my sites: $67.00
    Seopressor plugin w/ unlimited usage: $97

    Neither site has reached the one week mark yet, but with the backlinking I've been doing I'm satisfied with the traffic considering the lack of content on my sites at the moment.

    Site 1 - After four days

    Human visits: 425
    Bots: 224
    Unique IPs: 14
    New visitors: 8
    Bounce rate: 1,88%
    Pages per visit: 3,65
    Longest visit: 15 hits

    Site 2 - After two days

    Human visits: 113
    Bots: 116
    Unique IPs: 10
    New visitors: 5
    Bounce rate: 4,42%
    Pages per visit: 3,29
    Longest visit: 14 hits

    Now, be honest with me on this one, how are my results looking to you guys? I have literally no reference level on this so I could be easily remaining complacent when I should be a little more on edge.

    MY questions:
    • I also would like any input on some of the tools I paid for, listed above. Are they worth it, in your guys' experience?
    • should I be cancelling SEOpressor before the full $97 payment kicks in?
    • Are there tools that aren't in there list and definitely should be?
    • I've been using guide found on torrent sites, have they been steering me wrong?

    These are all questions I'll need to answer if I plan on going anywhere with these projects so any and all input is appreciated! if you guys have any questions for me that would help you to help me or just for curiosity, please don't hesitate to ask.

    In four short days, starting with a mere search for "profits" on a torrent site, SEO and Adsense have already become an obsession. not for the potential of profits (though of course it helps :cool:), not for advertising, but for the chance of getting something I put my greatest efforts into to be recognizable by many.