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    You want to increase your position in google and alexa? And of course you increase the PR site? We offer the service to publish your web pages in all directories and / or blogs.

    All directories and blogs are separated by theme, and none is under PR2. In a period of 3 to 4 months guarantee you will be increasing significantly the PR and the number of visits to your pages. By the time it takes a few days and not see the results? is depending on the number of links that are contracted, but is this time around, that should not be posted many links on the same day that but google and search engines may penalize websites, for example google banner before I entered the Sandbox, it's kind of a web study is to determine whether or not you update your website or just want to make SPAM (ie with broad strokes, obviously that is deeper).

    The cost is $ 0.10 per bond, with a minimum purchase of 500 links (USD 50). For the safety of you and our payments are made through Paypal. For purchases over $ 900 bonus is in addition to the payment.

    During the weeks of the process every day Friday sent a list of links published, rejected or pending. It should be noted that the links are not counted as rejected publication is a statistical way.

    For those interested send me Private.


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    Offer your service through a proper channel. Make your thread in services for sale section. And give a review copy to moderator of this forum.
    If your service is reviewed you get more orders.

    Posts like these are considered as spam on this forum.
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    No worries, I'm sure this thread is going to be deleted soon. OP is trying to get around the rules.