SEO Marketing Research Homework help if possible? WILL PAY $$$$

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    Hey guys,

    For my digital marketing class we were asked to write a Keyword Research Project for Ford Motor Company.

    This is the assignment:

    Keyword Research Project

    Case Background:
    Ford Motor Company is a leading automotive OEM, marketing and selling vehicles in a multitude of global markets. In 2010, Ford sold a total of 5.31 million vehicles worldwide. Ford?s global fleet includes Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, Commercial (Fleet) and Electric vehicles. We will consider 2 of Ford?s main sales markets in this project. Websites for these respective markets are as follows:
    You are tasked to assume the role of a Digital Marketing Manager at Ford and present a keyword strategy to Ford?s Global Director of Product Marketing. This keyword strategy should include your recommendations about how to acquire relevant and cost-effective traffic through search engines. You will need consider the 2 major markets listed above. The goal of this report should be to boost Ford new vehicle sales through the marketing opportunity provided by global search engines.

    Project Deliverables:
    The Global Director is expecting a 2-3 page written report summarizing the keyword strategy. The report will have an appendix that should contain the supporting data. The written report should summarize how you arrived at your strategy and what some of the primary objective opportunities are.

    Project Grading:
    The project will be graded on the following metrics.
    1) Organization of Written Report (How well you ?sell? the recommendations)
    2) Thoroughness of Objective Analysis
    3) Relevancy of the Keyword Strategy to In-Market Vehicle Buyers
    4) Creativeness (thinking outside of the box)


    If anyone can help me, let me know. Will be willing to pay $$ for help. This is due in a week and I would appreciate any help. Feel free to Skype me or PM me. Lets get down to business. I have an idea of what to do but my thoughts are jumbled.