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[SEO JR.VIP] Google page1 Secret revealed anybody can do it

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Seo-Devil, May 5, 2013.

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    Mar 16, 2012
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    Hello all BHW readers
    I will share my own knowledge and experience in SEO
    English is not my native language so you won't blame me for some strange sentences

    Lets start:
    You decided to create website for business and start sales online or attract customers via internet

    Of course you realised that all searching goes through Big G [Google]

    And some sites for specific KW ranking better than others and you want to get to the top yours

    And you try to find who or how to do it?

    There are plenty Seo people who can help you a lot of them in this forum

    They all already know how to do it and they done it

    All who didn't know it thinks: they have to be millionaires and rule the world

    But when you reach your first G pages you will feel awesome (I know it :cool:)

    if someone have business: it doesn't mean that they have millions £$

    Same in SEO it doesn't mean that you will make millions with … as it won't be easy

    Back to the theme, if you just started and think just to push your business up go to BHW forum

    Just order SEO service in selling section, which is affordable for your business and fits your requirements

    But if you are really want to do it by your self you just have to think out of the box:

    There are many really smart people who are selling seo service on BHW

    You have to understand that you need full method how it works and some time and soft to do all it

    First step:

    Go to BHW selling services section and analyse 10 of them, what exactly they will do, put it on note

    (do not analyse bookmarking or just profile creation services go for seo full pack)

    And you will see what exactly you need to get to the top

    I do not want to advertise anyone, i had experience in buying it and some works better some less

    (But it is not about it)

    Price yes it is important factor, but just for your pocket most expensive doesn't mean the best!

    Reviews yes very important factor they should be positive

    But remember results are for individual website

    (I mean some have more competition and perfect site with a lot content, others have bad website and less competition)

    (but usually if it works as a magic you would like to keep it in secret pocket from others )

    Back to the theme


    1 tier links

    (about 25-40) Links from WEB 2.0contextual backlinks with specific (% of anchor KW) to your money site
    And do not be greedy target few to outbound to wiki links to niche authority sites
    ("Everybody" says it have to be manual created and written by human is best :confused: )
    (But i Would like to explain why was created computer to make our life more easy so use it;))
    (My experience: i tried to write articles it is pain in ass, done 10 unique (i am not native english) Submitted 10 some difficulties as accepted just five, ok so i done own research place my bad unique content on internet and google don't care about bad sentences just rank them (so i can't see reason why it have to be just hand written content) :D the same with spinned content or however you will call those spinners who creates "unique" text just remember it is not for the customers (and not for money site) it is for google algorithm (sellers who sells links with human created content will want to slap to my face, but now there are many ways how programs creates niche related content which google Accepts as Unique. And do not think anyone will read 1000 articles were written by hand or program for all sites and won't be in future )
    Imagine how big world is and think google will recruit people to read it?
    As you have to make at least 10 articles (with videos and pictures) and post to all sites a day, to get result,
    All depends from competition it may require even 100 - 200 a day (Don't jump as elephant)
    So get soft it will be handy for submission and content creation
    (Make same speed as manual and you safe;))

    It is not enough make more backlinks to main site not spammy not
    High pr article submission (Just quality usually not more 150)(% of anchor KW)
    High Pr social bookmarks (Just quality usually not more 300)(% of anchor KW)
    High Pr wiki Sites
    Get social shares
    Document sharing sites(In more competitive niches will need more diversion get more different kind high pr links just keep a cup on them and just quality links to keep safe your money site )


    Links from WEB 2.0 (at least 150 more would give more results) contextual just they all linking to the 1tier links and few to niche authority sites

    Social bookmarks about 300 for each link of 1tier

    Wiki Sites links to 1 tier (make it massive 10000 will get more power )

    This would be enough to see it all working and site jumping as a crazy

    Repeat it all just with new content and new accounts and will be on fist page

    For more competitive niche can do:

    3 tier
    with more spammy links on top just all to the 2 tier

    Profile links (massive )

    Blog comments (massive )

    Article submission (massive )

    Bookmarks from pligg sites

    And will rank just keep doing as you have to make more than your competition made

    Depends from the competition just don't start massive
    (use link quantity same as BHW sellers for medium packages as if go for lower amount and made some mistakes won't feel big improvement and watch anchor Main KW30% 70% LSI-KW )
    There are more variation strategies which works,
    But tried to be specific and with simplicity as 2 cent as I could…
    Almost all seo tools works as a charm, just have to use right strategy and match G algorithm requirements with quantity…

    Give a try and will find it…
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