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    Hello friends,

    I have never created a journal like this before, but I have always wanted too. I have been in the IM game since January 2009 and so far have made around 15,000. Right now my only income is a part time job at a eBay consignment store (yes just like in 40 year old virgin), freelancing webdesign (which is basically just wordpress or wix), and some commissions from Google Affiliate Network.

    I started IM when I use to be a frequent visitor of back in 2009. I learned that I could use craigslist to target idiots and have them sign up for "age verification" offers in exchange for great commissions. I partnered up, bought a "bulletproof vps" (yeah right...) and had access to a custom built multithread with proxy support mailer. This thing could inbox like no other. Our second or third day we made over $1,000 in one day. At the time I did not care; I was in college and desperate for money. I continued on and then for whatever reason dropped off when Craigslist started to make it much harder to get e-mails and it was becoming just a headache.

    I have since grown a conscience and honestly I am not interested in being arrested for SPAM or unsolicited e-mails. I have now moved on to white-hat legal techniques. I am not interested in making money illegally anymore because it is not worth it. $100 honest is worth more to me then $1000 dishonest. It's different for everyone and I understand it. Anyways, I average about $300 a month autopilot. I have one particular blog post that generates that although my best month it topped over $1,000 in a month. For whatever reason it has dropped off substantially. I guess the one thing that I have learned is that nothing last forever.

    So as I mentioned earlier I went to college and just recently graduated in May. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and a minor in Computer Science. I have been applying to a lot of jobs and have had a couple of interview and second interviews but nothing has come out of them. Next month will be my first month that I have to start paying my student loans back so I have tried to revamp my online marketing skills and ventures.

    So here's what I am trying to do:
    I have targeted a keyword that get 18,100 Global Monthly Searches. (Exact) The reason I care about global monthly searches is because this product is through clickbank and it converts internationally as well.
    I chose 5 keywords that I primarily want to rank for. If I can rank for all 5 then I am opening my market up to approx: 49,800 Global Monthly Searches (Exact)
    The idea is if I can get 10% of that traffic to travel to my website that would be 4980 visits per month. If I could convert at 3% of 4980 visits then I would make 149 sales per month.
    149 sales per month would generate around 4500-5500 per month. With the rebill I should be able to retain or increase that per month.
    (149 sales per month averages to about 4 sales a day which would put me at around 120-150 per day)

    10/31/2012 Work Completed:
    Created a .NET (almost EMD-I added a "s" to the main keyword)
    Wrote up a completely unique 500 word blog post talking about keyword and relatables
    Measured keyword density and kept it around 2%
    Inserted Creatives (Graphics) linking to my Clickbank product into the post and on side widget
    Purchased a Review Copy of White Knight SEO which includes:

    • 3 x 100% Unique Articles
    • 30 High PR profiles
    • 5 DocShare Submissions
    • 1 Tumblr Blog
    • 1 Weebly Blog
    • 1 Reddit Submission
    • 1 Delicious Submission
    • 5 Web 2.0s (with 10 pages each)
    • 10k Scrapebox To All Links
    I am not sure how effective this is going to be for a brand new website. I have seen case studies that say you can rank brand new websites no problem. I have a feeling my niche it won't be much an issue.

    Initial Cost:

    • The review copy cost me 77.60 (20% discount)
    • The domain cost me 7.67
    • I have reseller hosting so I am not including that.

    Reminder that my website is not currently ranked at all because this website is brand new.
    Please feel free to post comments, suggestions, tips, or concern.
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    If you're concerned about not being able to rank a brand new website, check out the tip bobbylove gave for 301 redirecting an aged domain purchased from godaddy to your money site. People seemed to be having good results with that.

    But in all honesty, age shouldn't really matter that much after a month or two, which I assume isn't a problem for you as you seem to be interested in this for the long haul.

    Good luck!