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Might be jumping the gun a little here. And point it out if i'm wrong. But instead of charging for SEO. Why not offer them a google places listing? They'd automaticaly be up there on the first page or so. I hear some guy on here is offering GP listings at $997. When they could do it themselves for free? Haha!
I would have thought a lot of the trades advertise in Yellow pages.Why not see what the cost is for a half page spread and use that as your guide.
Cheers! But as my above post. Wouldn't it be easier to offer a Google Places listing? Their easily getting into the top page? Again, apoligies if that is not the case!

Your main goal is to provide LEADS to your customer. It doesn't matter if it's Organic ranking or Google Places as long as he gets more clients because of you.
I charge 600$ plus fees- you could try to go the commission route- set up a pay per call kind of thing and charge 10$ a call.
I agree with everything said above. In my experience the businesses that pay the least expect the most hand holding. You want the bigger businesses that already know what value your service is worth.

The other thing I found and it may be just me but the cheap skate guys would be the ones who would try to get stuff for free or stiff you on the bill at the end of the month. Make sure that you own the site or always use 301 redirects in case you don't get paid.

Price is just a matter of confidence, have confidence in yourself and others will too.
This might be a stupid question but I don't do local search but didn't Google rain all over the Local Search parade with Google places...

I mean if you were trying to get your local plumber to #1 in Google for Plumber [Insert Town Here] would you ever outrank Google Places listings???

I dont know what the Pound to Dollar conversion is but I have a plumber that pays my company $1500 per month to rank locally.
I dont know what the Pound to Dollar conversion is but I have a plumber that pays my company $1500 per month to rank locally.
Thats about 900 pounds

600 pounds is about 1k dollars

edit: I looked it up and its 635 pounds to 1k dollars.
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