SEO in Germany and international / English speaking


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May 13, 2024
Hi everybody,

I am in this since decades and know the pre-Google times (Altavista, Infoseek, Hotbot...). Location Germany.

Mostly SEO but I can and do all the technical stuff, too. Working for clients, own projects and also employed since a few years, but have been solo freelance for a long time.

Clients and Employer mostly real estate / finance. Planning to break into speciality hosting niche with a new long term side project, for which I recently bought my most expensive domain so far, high 4-figures.

Added: I very much enjoy being employed, too, and recommend everyone to hold on to their day jobs for as long and as hard as humanly possible (unless it is totally awful). I think the combination of employment and side gigs is great.
Welcome and if you are from Germany I would like to connect with you. Again warm welcome
It's impressive that you've been in the game for so long and have seen the evolution of search engines from Altavista to Google. Your expertise in SEO and technical work, especially in real estate and finance, must be quite valuable. Breaking into a new niche with a long-term side project sounds exciting, especially with a high-value domain investment.

Balancing employment with side gigs is indeed a smart approach. It allows for stability while also exploring new opportunities and passions. How's the transition into the specialty hosting niche going for you?
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