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    Forgive me if this is something generaly known / done / whatever, but I haven't encountered this yet so wanted to post the idea here to get some opinions on it (and maybe you like it and go do it yourself ;) )

    I know some people are building websites (very quick) for businesses that don't have good websites yet (yes they do still exist) and then basically knock on their door and try to sell the site.
    Seems like a nice model that would work

    The other day I saw this posting of someone who wanted to use a domain of his own to build backlinks to and then redirect it to the clients website so that he was in control of the ranking (in case he didn't get payed)

    I was thinking; what if you combine the two ideas?
    - Look for business that are trying to rank but are not succeeding
    - Get the EMD for their niche
    - Get some content on there
    - Backlinks to the EMD
    - Get in the top 10 results
    - Knock on the door of the business and sell (or maybe rent?) the ranking.

    This way you are sure to sell a guaranteed ranking (you already rank), you might be able to go to the competitor if the business turns you down and you have traffic coming in you can sell as well.

    Maybe it's even better to make it some sort of 'rental' model. For a fee per month you place the landing page on the business' website and have 301 redirects in place on your EMD, as long as the business wants and as long as you still rank first page or something.

    I know this would be risky since you have to put in the work up front, but even if you don't sell/rent out the EMD you should be able to monetize it if you pick the niche right.

    let me hear your thoughts......