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    so i tried searching around and see if anyone has posted any reviews on, but i didn't find any.

    i switched to them about 3 months ago from hostgator's seohosting service as i needed to upgrade my number of different C class IPs and at that time Hostgator did not advertise/have a different name server per IP.

    so far experience has been reflective of price. their plans are ~40% cheaper than hostgator's seo hosting. the setup panels and everything is exactly the same, their support answers same day or even within hour/s. the downside - there is no live chat or phone number.

    biggest problem so far has been email. about 5 times in 2 months random domains would have mail server problems (some unknown error) that has brought all my incoming leads to a halt.

    obviously, seo hosts will attract a lot of spammers that try to get the most out of their plans and two weeks ago all my emails started getting a mass block through SpamHaus, so i couldn't send out any emails. I guess one of my neighbours crossed the line...and that's when the whole block goes down.

    support said they resolved this issue same day, but it took about a week and a 1/2 to get the email working again or until the spam lists updated.

    just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same? i assume the only way to avoid this stuff is by going dedicated everything...
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    you can always use a remote smtp host that you have setup specifically for your own tasks (you could also use gmail but im unaware of the restrictions), talk to them and see if they allow you to send email via a remote server, if they do the simplest method is probably getting a cheap dedi/vps somewhere, setup postfix on it and have all your domains funnel the outgoing mail via it.

    dedicated is the best way to go with this but seperate class c's on a dedicated can get hard to get them after you have so many or you may need to purchase entire class c's depending upon your provider and many also require ARIN justification crap to get your ip's which gets painful

    good luck, hope this has been some help
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