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    Here is the simple method to inject your links into other people's
    linkwheels. This is probably not new but anyways...

    I'll use Wikispaces as an example. Wikispaces is supported by SENuke
    and other link building software. Hundreds of people build links and post
    their stuff to Wikispaces. Fortunately for us, by default, wikis at Wikispaces
    are public. This means anyone can edit it.

    Do the following search in Google:

    your keyword -protected

    You will find tons of pages created by SEOs. They are most likely already
    a part of linkwheels and have some relevant backlinks pointing to them.

    Just edit these pages and inject you link.

    You may go completely evil and replace someone else's money site link with your link or just add your
    links. Then, add them to Linklicious so they get re-crawled.
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