SEO Guru/Advisor needed for good cause related to the Arts.

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    I run a large online community geared toward art education which now has educational programs intationally. While we see about 1.5 million visits a month from artists around the world, we are still not able to reach all those we wish to help. We have been working to reinsert the arts back into schools and are now working with students internationally and supporting them with a very large scholarship program, amongst other things like employment services. We are looking to increase our web presence immediately and require someone of expert skills and experience to assist as a consultant and adviser. We are not looking for free assistance. We are also not looking to hire a company. We are looking for an individual who has a considerable background to join us.

    We are all artists, and have done pretty well considering there are no programmers or SEO folks amongst us. We have done it the old fashioned way...through word of mouth and doing our best to have viral content. We have been supporting the international arts for eight years. We are US based and are a proven and legitimate business with a high level of respect in our niche.

    Please post or send a PM and I will reach you from the company email as well as send over the NDA and links to our site an organizations. This is paid work and there is even possibility of equity for the right individual once the relationship is strong. We are looking for a long term relationship. We wish to explore all SEO options on the table and are not biased to only white hat work.

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