SEO Game - What you Need to Know About

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    As I said in another thread around here. PR has nothing to do with ranking. This is my personal experience with ranking and I want to share with you.

    Some Important Points for your SEO Game:

    1. Onpage SEO (very important for Mr. Big G's pet, google bot)
    2. Keywords in Title (now it's not really important! So write something to get your site CLICKED!)
    3. Keywords In Descriptions (Important!)
    4. Topic in your site (What's your site about? Site Wide Topic?)
    5. Reputation (Back Links - What people talk about you? Where's the TRUTH?)
    6. Your Back Links' Site Wide (What's your backlinks' site wide topic about?)
    7. Size of your site (Bigger Site WIN)

    More about (6): Don't even think that you can spam / keyword stuff other non-relevant sites with your link on it (like high pr profiles in forums, software sites, ...) yes, it may work instantly but your site will drop down very soon and maybe got Big G Penalty / Sand box
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    How sure are you that google takes into account the topic of the sites you leave your backlinks on?

    How do you know this for a fact?