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    Hey, so I got accepted on Maxbounty, I only have a fan page with 179k followers, I managed to make something like 43$ in 3 days, I don't own the page alone, I split the income with a friend of mine , we both worked on the fan page, anyways, the problem is , I decided to go full time on this, I only managed to rank 1 keyword on google ( 26 ) , all the income is from facebook, as you know , facebook reach sucks now, and their ads are even worse, in my nich, a 5$ facebook ad can reach 3000 people, while in other niches it only reaches 200-1600 , I selected campaigns that are very close to my nitch, but it was a waste of money and time , I mean , me and my friend spent like 3 months on that fan page , we built it totally from scratch, I am not saying 43$ in 3 days is bad , but it isn't fully because of our fan page, sometimes I go and talk with people about the offer so they try it.
    I saw some people talking about bulk emails and how it makes a great income , but when I searched it , I only found people trying to sell me emails bulking services, shitty 1000 email for like 10$ , and probably they are scammers, well guys , I am not asking for a golden spoon to be given to me from you guys, I just need you to advice me, link me to articles that might be useful to me, I am ready to read anything and to try anything .