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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by fatjack'sblackhat, Dec 26, 2010.

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    college student
    I have just started getting into ranking my site in google by linkbuilding and socially bookmarking my site and I am having trouble getting traffic. I know about what to do but I don't know how often I should do it..

    First, how often should I socially bookmark my site? Every time I create a post? Since there are over 300 social bookmarking sites, would I have to post on every one of them everytime I make a post?

    Second would be linkbuilding. How often should I be making my linkpushes? I know how its done but I don't know how often it should be done. Should this be done every post too?

    All the input is greatly appreciated. :greddy2:
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    Do this daily on autopilot with scripts :)
    or manually. This depends on what you like.

    As For myself I create mini-sites in order to have many backlinks daily
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    Sort of a difficult question, since there are many different answers, depending on what works for you. Generally, though, if you start building links at a certain number a day (or week, or whenever), you should maintain that pace and slowly increase. A good tactic would be to start slow, then build progressively more and more as time goes on. That would be natural. Some people make the horrible mistake of building 12000 links in a single day, then quit, thinking that'll give them a ton of backlinks, and their work is done. What happens really is it causes a great big "non-natural gaming the system" red flag with google, and you will either have to start over small, or keep up the 12000+ links a day velocity.. not a task I would look forward to! Besides, Hope that helps a little.