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    Oct 3, 2008
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    I hope someone can help me With a SEO matter. I have this site (If someone is interested to help me please PM me for link) it is a PHP / MySql driven. It has aiming other things a book information archive. All the data is pulled from a MySql database. I am still having a rough time figuring out how to make the most suitable sitemap for Google. I submitted many xml sitemaps but none could achieve the result I am looking for. Two things bother me .1. When I do a Google search for site:www.domainname I get 400+ results , and most of them are Flash (swf) files with gibberish symbols (Note : I offer on my site the ability for people to read the table of contents for about 3600 books in swf form). 2. I was not able (for lack of PHP programming knowledge) to add a mod_rewrite in the .htaccess file to get SEO friendly links. 3. I was never able to complete a sitemap.xml file with all the links on my site. 4 Google never crawled all my pages.
    So can anyone help me?
    I am ready to pay some money for a professional opinion if I see the results I am aiming at.
    Thanks in advance.