SEO For Blogs: How To Rank Your Blog Better On Search Engines

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    SEO for blogs might seem just a secondary step while building notoriety for your blog, however, SEO is as important for blogs as it is for other kinds of websites.
    If you're writing on a regular basis, your blog will help you gain a place as a thought leader, and prove your expertise and experience in the field you're writing about. Also your blog can be a source of money if you know how to monetize it. One of the best ways to get organic traffic is SEO: Search Engine Optimization.
    When someone looks for a post about a topic you've written about, you should make sure your article can rank within the 10 first results, which is mainly an SEO strategy that you should build around this article (and also your blog).

    If you are looking for a starter guide that can help you boost your traffic with organic visits from search engines, you're in the right place. Make sure you check all the steps in this guide and to comment with your questions for more explanations.

    Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing

    First, Understand What It SEO?

    SEO is the art, and science, of making your website more adapted and friendly with search engines. These services, like Google, have some bots we call "Spiders", their main function is to crawl websites in the internet and check whether they verify Google's conditions for better ranking or not. Later you get a score, based on that score you rank in the results page from Google. These variables are mostly: backlinks, content, social sharing, domain age, and traffic. Yet, I have a good news and bad news about SEO for you.
    The good news is that you will find many many many guides on the internet about SEO and that you can easily implement for your website. The bad news is that techniques are changing with the updates of Google's algorithms and that you should always learn the new hacks to get your website better rankings.

    Now the question is: What SEO hacks should I do for my blog to boost its traffic.

    Fresh Content And Pagination

    The basics for a SEO friendly blog is fresh content. If you're starting a blog and you don't have ideas to write about, start by reading before writing, get more ideas in your mind and write them with your own style. Please avoid copying from other sites or blogs, because copying simply KILLS your blog. If you're not writing your own personal content, you're simply making a useless website, which is useless for users, thus, Google will penalize it.
    Tips to find original content: Watch videos and start trying to write about what you learned, or you can also read international blogs and translate posts to your own mother language, or simply write them with your own style.

    Golden tip: Write about tutorials, helpful tips, make videos for your blog, and bring some content that can add value to a user's life.

    A second point that is also important is pagination, nobody would find it easy to scroll endlessly, that's why many pagination plugins (some are integrated with templates) exist, to help build better user experience and classify posts in pages based on their history.

    Adapt your articles (On-page SEO)

    Blogs are in other terms: lists of regularly updated posts, your blog is just a group of posts you write, this means optimizing SEO for your blog, is optimizing your posts first. Having a good content is great, but it's not enough. Your posts should have the right settings for search engines.
    If you are writing about a topic you've already mentioned in your blog, put a hyperlink on the word and make sure it redirects to the old post where you've blogged about the topic. Also add two buttons at the end where users can navigate to the next post or the previous post.

    Golden tip: Don't forget to recommend posts for users in a the sidebar or a floating plugin or maybe just at the end of the post. This will decrease your bounce rate, which an important variable for better SEO results.

    You can also add a "related content" plugin, which can give users a better experience and also decrease users bounce rate.
    Also add the right categories where you will classify your blog post and tags that are related to your article. And don't forget to add sharing buttons at the end of every post to help your content get more social (or even a floating plugin if you want).

    Make Sure You Have No SEO Errors

    Before optimizing, make sure everything works very well. Google doesn't love to find errors on your page, or your template.
    You blog's template should be cleanly coded, with the latest technologies. Should load fast, and your site shouldn't have some broken links.

    Golden tip: Speaking about links, permalinks count a lot for SEO, make sure you add your keywords in your posts permalinks... But wait a second, which keywords?

    Read the complete free SEO GUIDE FOR BLOGS:
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    Sooo damnnn tireeeed offf theseee commooon senseee articlesss on SEO...

    its not even common sense it is just rewrite of what matt cutts say. even worse...

    oh gosh, cringeworthy with your cliff-hanger in the end "But wait a second, which keywords? *link to your site*"
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    Just to save anybody from having to click through:

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    Very generic content. If you are going to invest the time in creating content for self promotion you really should try some other topics, case studies are good.
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    Wowww What an amazing content shared by you regarding blog posts. These are very helpful tips to generate some quality backlinks and their effects will be show in Google very soon. So Its the lesson for individuals who avoid Blog posts in SEO. Its very effective and long lasting
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    Hi dear users,
    Though these steps might sound classic and basical, many people are still ignoring how important they are, and valuable for search engines. Sometimes we start looking for hacks and tricks without building the foundamental base.
    Thanks for your replies.