SEO factors weights...for compettion checks

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Toples, Dec 2, 2011.

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    i've been trying to make a formula for assesing competition...

    im thinking of implementing 6 things for quick a competition check:
    1 domain PR (0-9)
    2 page PR (0-9)
    3 keyword in TITLE (0-1 - yes-no)
    4 keyword in H1 (0-1 - yes-no)
    5 keyword in meta description (0-1 - yes-no)
    6 keyword in URL (0-1 - yes-no)

    now im considering factors which would go in a formula
    factors would represent a weight which each of the ranking thing has
    though i would say that title is most important for SEO, the actual numbers are a mistery to me...

    does anyone here know enough to say (for example) that title is twice as important as KW in meta description?
    so if i gave a title a weight of 2, the meta would get 1. then lets say domain PR would get 0,5 (multiplies 0,5 with domain PR) etc...

    i need this cuz i see that sometimes checking the competition with tools isnt accurate enough, and i have no idea how they calculate seo competition...
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    It seems you have most of the bases covered when it comes to on-page SEO, but I think even a quick look at the backlink profile of a competitor is KEY when assessing your competition.

    You can fairly quickly determine just how SEO savvy your competition is by running their site through a service like OpenSiteExplorer.

    I usually take a look at the # of backlinks, the anchor text they are targeting (and the SERP rankings for said keyword phrase), and what kind of links they are building.

    In most small niches you'll quickly find the business owners that paid some guy to spam their site with forum profiles - building a few quality links can really put you ahead in this aspect.
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    I would only add to your list a way to check the density in the body content for the main keywords that are found in the title.

    For example

    Site has title : "Product XXX Review"

    your script should check the body for : "product", "Product XXX" and "product xxx review".

    After all if you run the diagnosis on a competitor and he has all the titles and headings properly optimized, but then he lacks any content and has 0% content density, this would mean that it would be quite easy to beat him.
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    Keyword in title or in url are 1s, but the other items could be weighted as fractions of that 1.0 (.5, .25 et al). If the site or page appears on page one of the search results, perhaps that should be a 1 also.