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    How SEO Divine is Different?

    SEO Divine is not only about link building. The service consist of multiple premium modules catering different aspects of SEO from Authority Building to Ranking. Over the last few months, our team focused to get expertise in developing a proven system that can help anyone dominate their market. We have practiced this module after spending countless hours from last 3 months and we have blended the entire process so tactfully that it makes this service to go up by several notches. The power of SEO divine combines multiple services in one place and it gets implemented in a planned and phased manner.

    While we keep all modern SEO technique in the forefront, we keep the old school SEO in the back supporting the front system. So you get benefited from both.

    The only thing which works in search engine ranking is how you understand the Algorithm. Unfortunately, there is no official guide to it and SEO practitioner understand it hard way either by going through series of case study and doing test on own. Testing and retesting the module costs quite a lot of time and money and you come across series of questions like:

    • Heard a lot about IFTTT recipe! How it will impact my SERP if I setup IFTTT Syndication?
    • Does web 2.0 properties still work?
    • Will I risk my website by using PBN?
    • Many expert still suggest profile link but isn’t it something which is considered spam?
    • Will Social profile links help in ranking? Or is it just for reputation management?
    • Do I still need to worry for Link Velocity?
    • Should I use Old School SEO strategies to my main website?
    Finding out answers for these questions requires you to test and retest them and if needed, make some changes and test them again. We have already gone through multiple case study and tested and retested our SEO divine module for 3 months to ensure that you can concentrate on your business while we do the rest.

    • Modern SEO Technique Blended With Old School SEO
    • Great Authority Backlinks at this Price
    • Carefully Designed Link Velocity & Diversity
    • Proven Method to Use Anchor Text and Other Keywords Ratio
    • Intelligent Use of LSI and Long Tail Keywords
    • Solid Social Signals
    • Manual Process
    • Most Affordable Rate
    • Links only from Search Engine Friendly Sources
    • Quality of the Links are Maintained with Quantity
    • Time Tested and Proven Campaign Strategy
    • Periodic Test to Measure the Effectiveness of Process

    What is IFTTT

    In simple terms, IFTTT helps you to increase the branding and ranking on Autopilot

    The set up is a network of social media, not the usual blog network (Aka PBN) you have heard of. In simple words, IFTTT allows to automate the process of syndication of your content to reputed web 2.0/social media properties. It helps immensely to push up your Authority, Power, Ranking and gives you unlimited quality backlinks. They are meant for long terms and will keep maintaining the authority by supplying links forever. Yeah, you heard it right. It just requires one time setup and you will continue getting unlimited links forever from social media

    IFTTT syndication alone has the power to push up your ranking in SERP, So Imagine what it could be when it get mixed up with so many other quality link (Like Press Release, Blog Network, Brand Profile, Social media sharing etc etc etc)

    How IFTTT works?

    IFTTT works by getting your content syndicated across authority web 2.0 and social signal channel. So you can pick up one of the content source as Trigger Point (e.g. Your main website RSS feed, or YouTube channel, Official WordPress/Tumblr/Blogger Blog) and this becomes your mail trigger. When you update the main trigger point, the content get syndicated to associated 20+ social signals via RSS Feed.

    The Biggest Benefit
    • Unlike other link building practices, where you pay every time for links. IFTTT recipe works on AUTO-UPDATE formula (Set and Forget); so once its done, you will continue getting the backlinks forever
    • These all links comes from social signal and you know how valuable social signals are in the eyes of search engines
    • All links are of very high quality and comes from authority source
    • Push Button Syndication with Safe & Fast ranking

    What We Will Do?

    • Creation of branded social channel and web 2.0 properties around your main website
    • The entire process is manual and that makes the profile of great quality with Logo, Cover Photo, Homepage URL, Address, About us section, Description etc
    • In the next step, we create IFTTT recipes to interlink all the properties together for auto syndication and you start getting high quality links and social signals
    • We do not stop here, after first ring is done, we create 3 or 4 additional Rings of IFTTT Recipes on next level which will be interlinked. The network will be completely optimized with done recipe.
    • We will use curated articles as a seed article in the beginning.
    • In the next step, we will power up the social media which is powering your websites. So all the network powering your website in Tier 1 will get 10000 Links from diverse platform
    • In the last step, we will build links to the social media pages on the second tier, they will be powered with 20000 links in total to boost up the recipe in Channel 1 and eventually your main website
    Other Features:
    • Setting up 20+ social websites in one ring with equal number of recipes
    • All social signal/web 2.0 profiles are customized matching up your niche.
    • All accounts are SEO/Brand Optimized
    • All profile will be complete in all respect including Logo, Cover Photo, Homepage URL, Address, About us section, Description etc
    • All Accounts will be phone verified or email verified as required
    • We cover all Google properties, Facebook, Twitter
    • Powerful IFTTT Recipes
    • 100% manual process
    • Benefits of safe and long lasting backlink strategies
    • Complete report provided with login details in excel sheet

    Q: Can I use my own account in Ring 1 to create branded profile surrounding the main trigger
    A: If you have the social accounts ready with you, you can always provide us the login details and we will use your existing social profiles in the Ring 1 of branded social recipes.

    Improve your reputation with High Traffic Premium Media Exposure for your website and brand. You can use “As Seen As” Banner as below:

    We distribute only where it matters (with 225 live powerful media links)


    • Your news will be distributed to hundreds of prestigious news outlets: local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX TV stations, Digital Journal as well as papers like the Boston Globe, Miami Herald etc.
    • Powerful SEO promotion to rank the release in Google
    • We welcome personalized writing instructions so that you’ll get the exact, detailed stories you’re looking for
    • Live Link of minimum 225+ outlet that publishes your stories


    • Google News pickups guaranteed, every time.
    • Links from hundreds of high-authority news websites
    • Build reputation to your person name, company brand, website
    • As we use only High Traffic Premium Media, there are many other websites which syndicate their content from these websites
    • Chance to have viral traffic with enhanced media exposure. If the news is worthy, you may have a luck to go viral getting you more brand awareness and sales
    • Positive impact on SERP

    In the next step, we will start sending social signals to Press Release. We will pick up 10 top press release (which are appearing in search engine naturally) and will send 500 likes, share, tweets to these 10 PR.


    STAGE 2


    FAQ on Press Release Submission Service

    Q. Which all website my press release will be released
    Please check out partial list of media websites in the above image. All website in the list are guaranteed placements.

    Q. Can I use my own press release?
    A. Yes, we welcome that. However please make sure that the release are unique (never published) and news worthy. They must be written in proper press release style

    Q. Will I get complete report?
    Of course, Yes. You will get report will all live links

    Q. Does it authorize me to use “As Seen on”
    A. Absolutely, once your press release is live, you can use the below logo in your website


    • Post in 20 domains in our Network
    • Average trust flow : 15+
    • Average DA : 15+
    • Powered by IFTTT Social Ring
    • 100% Post indexing guaranteed
    • Zero Spam on network
    • Detailed due diligence on 20+ Parameters
    • Multiple host. All server in different countries, different data center with varied B & C Class IP
    • Every blog goes through extensive due diligence.
    • We do not only check domain metrics (DA/PA/CF/DF/RD), we also do comprehensive check on Anchor, web archive screenshot and complete link profile audit from Ahrefs/Majestic/Moz.
    • We just do not buy the domain by looking into metrics, we go far beyond in due diligence
    • We use unique Whois Data. All unique WhoIs details and in some cases with privacy protection enabled
    • Different name registrar, we use 5-6 different name registrar for domain registration
    • Unique and legit looking website. Every website has its own social media presence in Facebook, twitter etc.
    • No links from Footer or Sidebar
    • 100% guaranteed indexing of post
    • Only one Anchor from one post, other links goes to authority web or internal link. This does not make the blogs spammy.
    • Unique content, we do not repeat the content. We do not spin the same article multiple times for different blogs, instead we use multiple articles and spin them to post in different web.
    • Article length will vary between 400-1200 words
    • The sites include a balance of non-commercial posts linking out to authority sites
    • Rich Optimized Media (Image or Video at random) are included in every post
    • We do not use single hosting to host multiple blogs. All blogs are with different server in different countries. IP block have different B and C class; even A block is unique in many domain.
    • Various third party bot including Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs blocked from accessing the website to safeguard the network
    • We have built each website from unique IP. While posting, we ensure that we do not use same IP for logging into 2 different websites. Call us paranoid but we use different IP to login to each of our blog
    • All links are manually drip feed


    FAQ (Premium Blog Posts)

    Q. How many links from a post?
    A. We do not place more than one anchor in one post. Remaining links goes to Authority web or internal links

    Q. In how many Blogs my article will be posted?
    A. We will publish it in 20 Blogs minimum.

    Q. How about the articles, are they manually done?
    A. We use unique article but they are quality spun articles. It will be of decent quality but you should not expect much as they are not meant for readers. It will be decent enough to accommodate in network and worth the money

    Q. Can I have hand writtem articles in each blog?
    A. Why not? However you have to provide the article in such case, or you have to order article writing service in addition

    Q. Is it permanent?
    A. Yes, the links will be permanent

    Q. Will the link stay in homepage forever?
    A. Absolutely No. With new post in, the post will keep moving down. However your blog post will be permanent on inner pages as long as the website is there.

    Q. Do I need to pay every month to keep the link alive?
    A. No, you need to pay only once

    Q. What If I buy the service again, will my post get into the same set of Blog?
    A. Absolutely not. We keep track of order with website details, so when you order next time, your post will get published in new set of domain.

    Q. Can I use Foreign Anchor?
    A. Yes, however the content will be in English.

    Q. How many Keywords/URLs allowed?
    We do not limit you number of keywords or URLs. We will be happy to use different Anchor and different URLs for each post, if you wish to. However the ranking power will get diluted when compared with using only 3-5 keywords

    Q. How long it will take to see the effect in ranking?
    A. As we drip feed the entire job over a month period, you should start experience it within this time frame, however you should wait for another 2 weeks to see the real impact.


    This module will help you to get links from 30 branded Authority & Company websites. These websites are of high Authority and this module itself may help you to rank for low competition keywords.

    What We Do?

    Step 1: We place your website link on 25+ Authority company websites, which are search engine friendly with high trust value
    Step 2: Under Tier 2, We create 100 links to each page from diverse platform (e.g. Article distribution, web 2.0, social network, social media, Forum, wikis, 301 redirects)
    Step 3: We ping all the links and process them to Premium Indexing service like backlinkindexer and onehourindexing


    • Complete Manual Process
    • High Domain Authority and Google friendly domain with DA upto 100
    • We work hard to make your link genuine. We provide Bio, Photo, Header etc wherever possible
    • Ideal Mix of Anchor/Raw URL/Brand name, NoFollow/********
    • All website with public view enabled
    • High Domain Metrics (Domain Authority & Trust Flow)
    • Premium Indexing Service


    What We Do?

    We create 10 High Quality Manual Web 2.0 websites (DA 85+ to DA 100) high quality spun articles with media (image, video etc) or unique hand written manual (additional surcharge will apply)

    • We make strategic placement of links with link to authority web + Interlinking etc.
    • Based on your niche, we use customized usernames, titles and taglines
    • We build hundreds of other web 2.0 + Social network websites to tier 1 web 2.0 using Spun articles
    • We use 301 redirect to T1 web 2.0 + 1000’s of 301 Redirect to T2 web 2.0
    • To push up the page authority and power of T1 web 2.0, we build 200+ links to each web 2.0 from diverse platform.
    • We build 10,000 links to T2 web 2.0 on Tier 3
    • We use own secret sauce using social media platform which work like a charm to increase the authority of T1 manual web 2.0
    • In the final step, we send all backlinks from T1+T2 to premium indexing service like Onehourindexing, Backlinkindexer


    Silent Features
    • Manual work by our in house specialist
    • Many of these web 2.0 cannot be accessed by automated tools
    • We create About Us, Contact Us pages wherever possible
    • We fill up complete details while creating the account like avatars, bios and custom themes wherever applied
    • We use mix of VPN+proxy for each work
    • We do not use Chrome
    • We clean up the browser completely using strictly defined parameters before we start each work
    • We use Relevant media file (Image + video), wherever possible and at random
    • Usage of other content like Image Gallery, Info-graphics, videos as a post to give it a natural look
    • Sending all links to premium indexing service
    • Customized blog name, Titles, User name
    • We leave no footprints
    • Ideal Mix of Anchor, Raw URL, Brand Name, Generic Text
    • Report will contain complete details: Website : Root URL : Root Domain Metrics (DA & TF) : Output URL : Email Used : Email Password : Login User Name : Login Password

    Improve your Link Profile With Business Citation

    You might ask me, Why Citation Building? Isn’t it meant for local businesses. Yes, that is true because it helps local business to rank into the google even when they do not have the website. Even though it is meant for local business, this is an effective link building technique if the citation source allows you to link to your website (Either Anchor or Raw URL). You do not only diversify the linking source but you also get the power from their domain authority.

    What you get:

    • 20+ websites
    • Diversified link source
    • Helps your business to become part of a community
    • Helps you to gain optimized Anchor text
    • Benefit from the source domain authority and Trust
    • Improve your search engine rankings


    • We pick only those directories which accept global submission and have authority & Trust
    • We select directories where link can be placed and not just standard NAP with no web link.
    • We do not use software
    • 100% manual job with complete profile details
    • We provide detailed report with login info


    KnowEM database is great to protect your brand name and used extensively in reputation management and brand building. But is it only useful for Brand Reputation? And the answer is No, They are effective for SEO as well. They list more than 500 authority websites which can be utilized for multi purpose. We pick up 25 websites and place you over there.


    • Power from most popular social authority websites
    • Get more brand visibility
    • Diversify the link
    • Unoptimized Anchor for better SEO



    We Cover 40+ Social Media Platform with Post+Like+Share+Comments

    We all know that Social Media is a big thing, not only to drive target audience to your website and keep them engaged to your content but it also plays a significant signals in search engine ranking. In general, people relate social media to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, however there are many other platforms out there which are of high authority with massive traffic. Even if you do not manage the campaign in each of them, getting mention over there or getting a vote up/comment over there send a positive signals to search engine as well as you benefit from the authority of the domain.


    • We cover as many as 50 Social Media Channels to place your website, however under this module, we will cover 40+ Social Media Platform.
    • We do not just place the link, we make them active by Like/Vote them up/Share/Reshare/Comment
    • 100% manual work
    • All User Accounts are on different IP


    • Increase brand exposure
    • Broaden Customer Reach
    • Drive visitors
    • Better conversion rate
    We cover as many as 50+ Social media platform. I bet you will rarely find any agency covering so many media platform to outreach.


    Q. Do you accept all niches?
    A. We do accept all niches except Adult, Pharmacy, Casino and SEO niche

    Q. Do I receive all report?
    A. We believe in Transparency. How it will ensure that we have completed the job if you do not receive the report. So, you will receive complete report with all backlinks on Tier 1 (Except private blogs where you may receive only screenshot and not the live link for safety of the network). For Tier 2 link, you need to place special request as it requires quite a lot of compilation job and we do not provide report in general.

    Q. How do You provide support?
    A. We provide support 24X7. To manage it effectively, we have ticket system at our website and we ensure to reply ticket in a maximum of 24 hours. In case of any urgency, we are also open to discuss over messenger (Skype). But if its not urgent, preferably use ticket system.

    Q. Is there a way to track the work status?
    A. Yes, you can request for a partial report at the end of 2 weeks, if you need.

    Q. Why don’t you use All handwritten article for Web 2.0 Blogs/Private blogs?
    A. Yes, you have an option to use all 100% Unique handwritten article. However you will have to order Article Writing Service separately for this purpose.

    Q. Can I claim a refund for whatever reasons?
    A. We work hard to carry each step and costs us time and money. So we can not refund, if the order has started. However we can refund on a pro-rate basis if you would like to stop the work in between within first 4 days. This will be purely on our discretion and we are under no obligation to refund after 48 hours of order.

    Q. How many URLs and Keywords can be accepted?
    A. We do not limit you with number of keywords/URLs, but you need to understand that most of the places, we have restriction to use multiple keywords. For example, in press release we usually use 2 Anchors + 1 link to authority website. If you use multiple URLs+Anchor, it will dilute the overall power. To get the maximum benefit, you should provide 3 main Anchor + corresponding URL. Apart from this, you can provide 10-20 Long tail keywords + 10-20 LSI which can be used for Anchor diversification. If you do not have this ready, we will help you to prepare Long tail Keywords + LSI. However before we use them, we will take your approval.

    Q. Can I Use this on New Website?
    A. Yes, we have tested this service and we have seen the positive result on new domain too. The entire setup is structured to suit the new domain (e.g Press Release followed by Social profile etc.). If you are still concerned, please contact us and we will change the linking pattern to your satisfaction.

    Q. Do you offer Rank guarantee?
    A. We do not own the search engine, so we can not. Instead we follow the best practice which helps you to go to the top in search. We have already tested the structure on many websites and it is proven to give a huge ranking boost.

    Q. Do I need to Provide the content?
    A. No, We do not ask you to provide the content, however you are free to do so if you wish. Otherwise, We will take care of everything including creation of content, scraping and spinning of content.

    Q. Can I provide my own content?

    A. Yes. If you would not like to use our content and prefer to have your own, you are most welcome to provide your content and we will syndicate the same.

    Q. What about non-English Keywords?
    A. We accept keywords other than English. Even though articles will be in English, we will use Anchor Text in your preferred language. However we will have to skip module like press release, where we do not hold direct control. Media website will not accept English Article with foreign words in between.

    Q. How safe it is?
    A. We follow the best practice while building the links; also we use only manual process while doing so in the Tier 1. So it can be considered quite safe

    Q. Do you use automation tools?
    A. Most of the work can not be achieved using automation tool. We do all the work manually.

    Q. Are all content hand written?
    A. No, few are hand written where manual approval is needed (for example Press Release). For others, we use spin software like WordAi and few others to generate quality unique spun article

    Q. Turnaround time?
    A. The turnaround time is 30-45 days. We will finish the project in 30 days. If you need it urgently, you can place your request and we will do on priority within 2 weeks but not recommended by us.

    Note: All properties and structure mentioned in the image are for representative purpose only and we reserve the right to change them based on unavailability and other condition.


    One time Payment Plan:

    We complete the full module for one website in the first month and send you the report

    Monthly Subscription Plan:
    We continue the process every month and you keep gaining the authority and ranking. We will repeat entire module like Press Release, Manual Web 2.0, Private Blog Post (On new set of domains) and so on. IFTTT module will get further extended to another Tier (Tier 3), thus making the authority flow from bottom to top.

    Under monthly subscription plan, you also have an option to change the Website URL every month and we will carry the above defined process on new domain in case of URL change.

    The biggest benefit under monthly subscription plan is you lock the service at current price and you do not have to worry about any increment in the service fee.


    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: SEOtick
    YM: SEOtick
    Hangout: SEOtick
    Support Ticket: Click Here



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    Lots of links on lots of platforms, this is an excellent SEO package.

    Good service.

    Mod Note 26/01/17:
    Seller had their thread shut for 1 week because I was unhappy with the amount of people complaining about not getting their reports. The seller made a good effort in putting things right and the thread was reopened. I would advise you all to check the most recent reports from users within the thread.
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