SEO Conundrum: Semrush vs. Ahrefs - Seeking Expert Insights on Discrepancies

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Jun 15, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I'm facing a bit of a puzzle with my blog's traffic analytics and could really use your expertise! I've been monitoring my website's traffic using both Semrush and Ahrefs, but I'm getting conflicting results that leave me baffled.

In October, Semrush showed a significant spike in my traffic – we're talking about a gain of 10,000 visitors, which was a big win for me. However, this November, it's like that boost never happened. Semrush now indicates that my traffic has plummeted back to its original count before October.

Here's where it gets more perplexing: Ahrefs doesn't show any such fluctuation. According to Ahrefs, my traffic has been steady, with no such spike or drop.

I haven't engaged in new link-building strategies lately, so I'm stumped about what could have caused such a drastic change in Semrush's reporting. Could it be an issue with how Semrush tracks data, or is there something I'm missing?

I'm turning to this knowledgeable community for insights. Have any of you experienced similar discrepancies between these two tools? Any ideas on what might be causing this, or suggestions on which tool might be more reliable in this scenario?

Your input will be invaluable in helping me understand this puzzle and guide my next steps in blog analytics.

Semrush and ahrefs screenshots below


Thanks in advance for your help!
They most likely just screwed up the search volume evaluations for some of the keywords in your niche, then adjusted them. Or it was some other kind of fluke.
Focus on data in GA or Webmaster tools. Do you see any spike there?

Still, I would say that Semrush is more precise. Ahrefs is slowly going to absolute shit. They killed all my legacy accounts last week and forced me to their new subscriptions which cost 4 times as much for what I need it to do. Plus, some features simply don't work half the time despite the price bump.

Stick with Semrush and avoid Ahrefs if possible for you.
Your GA data is the most accurate and if you insist on using such 3rd party tools, then in my experience similarweb gives very accurate results.
Hi everyone, I'm facing a bit of a puzzle with my blog's traffic analytics and could really use your expertise!
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