SEO Company asking my SEO Company for Project Bid? Scam?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Blackhat Scott, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Got this letter... maybe I am a little paranoid but giving my pricing a way to another SEO company makes me think he's just fishing. Do seo companies really get quotes/and outsource work from other seo companies or is this a scam?

    Letter from the SEO Company below... (They got a nice site, I couldnt find anything negative on them in Google either.)

    Lately, our company has been experiencing a rise in SEO work (a good thing right?) But what's catching our attention is the clients lack of website quality. Many appear outdated, missing social media & could benefit from a wordpress/magento upgrade.

    PHP is not our specialty; there for we're in the market of outsourcing work to companies experienced in site upgrades and PHP work. I'm contacting you because I found you on Google. Your SEO must be working for you. :)

    To start things off, I am interested in your pricing. Please reply with the your standard costs:

    A new Wordpress site, 5 pages, with 2 mockups.
    A new Magento site , 5 pages, with 2 mockups.
    Upgrade a 5 page HTML site into Wordpress.
    Setup a Wordpress site with an after market skin.
    Please outline your method of payment & terms.

    At this time, I'm also seeking a full bid on the following project:

    A functional website with all the features of: www.sitenameremovedDotcom
    Features: Admin panel, online community, t-shirt contests, ecommerce & shopping cart.

    Thanks for your timely response,

    Guy's Name,

    Marketing (<--Notice he doesn't label himself as an owner/decision maker, so I know he can't sign a check)
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    Send him your prices. What he will then do is bring this to the boss and up sell saying he can charge the clients 25% more and earn the commission. Nothing shouting Scam here. Just give him your honest answers and you may start to get work ;)

    Then again, he could be trying to get pricing from his competition, so you may want to look into the company he is representing :)
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    Phone him.
    If he doesnt know who the hell you are when you call, hes just done a spam run.
    If he genuinly researched you, he will know what he wants and be able to discuss details.

    You might get some good repeat work, or he might just need to get himself out of a hole with the current project he mentioned.

    If he is just fishing for prices, it will be obvious when you speak.
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    I used to outsource my SEO work to other SEO companies when I didn't have the time. A lot of companies do this. In fact there are a lot of white label guys out there that simply sell the service and then pass it on. I am sure you don't have anything to worry about.
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    I've outsourced my SEO services in the past. If I were you, I would consider increasing my rates for the prices you give them. To some degree you will be supporting your competition by helping them out.

    They could just have a sudden influx of work and need help.