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Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by test123test, May 24, 2012.

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    hello i have been reading about seo cloaking. I understand it, however i am a little too late by maybe 10 years i think lol. As long as my i am building backlinks and got good content iam alright i guess. Are there any decent software out there right now to get my feet wet? Post refferal links.
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    Hey, im not an expert of cloaking but i would have to say that at this point in time good sees everything. It would probably take a really advanced programmer to fool Google, but only for sometime until they find out about the trick that is being used against them.

    In terms of software i dont know any personally but im sure you can find people on this site to help you make something if you super determined.

    I hope this help
    PS: i recently got into IM, so my knowledge banks is probably not up to date with all the current tricks being used. With that said, if i were you, keep building solid backlinks to your site, because this will ensure that you dont get slapped down by Google. I heard from another IMer that if Google find out that you have been gaming them, they will ban your IP. My opinion of this is, you really need to be crossing the line before they do this to you.