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    Im thrilled to say that the most powerful software on the planet is in beta testing and I just want to show my fellow black hatters how powerful this beast is. I am not revealing anything about the software right now and when its finally done being fully developed, only 100 people will be able to get their hands on it and it's expensive.

    Goal of the case study

    The goal is to reach the 1st page on google for the term "painless hair removal" within a matter of weeks by doing nothing but firing up the automated software.

    Painless hair removal competition
    212,000 without quotes
    44,000 in quotes

    Tomorrow, I will start by simply writing up a 500 word article and adding it to either a blogger or to goarticles.com, I haven't decided which site I am going to put the article on yet.

    I will update the case study every few days. Thanks

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    I need something like this. lol.