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    Today I think I have come to the conclusion I dont know as much as I thought about SEO, I have been successful in the past maybe just through luck.

    This is my problem

    A while ago I was chasing a keyword phrase that was not that tough about 200k results the guy at the top had 5 backlinks - 3 from his domain.

    I used this tool to make my site more relevant but give mu url full health check.

    Now I did not rank anywhere near the top but after lots of further SEO study put it down to the age of the domain was older.

    My latest exploits are on a similar line but the guy at #1 was not older, but still no luck - WTF

    I have ten times more links ( all high PR ) - he has 2 (low PR) - URL looks to be superior in every-way.

    Better keywords % description % title % - more keywords for this term but not over 4%.

    Any ideas as this has me stumped -

    Is there any better tools that you guys compare URLS with.