SEO and the rel Attribute? index, prev, next

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    WordPress can be really annoying... Basically I was just wondering if the rel='index', rel='prev', and rel='next' tags matter? I don't mind them but my problem seems to be the fact that the index and prev tags show the same URL but different titles; this is due to the fact that I have set a static page in my WordPress blog. I don't really mind this, but could this cause any problems with SEO since there are two different titles linking to the same page? If this could be a problem, is there a fix? Does it really matter if the index and prev tags show the same URL but different titles?

    For those that have no clue what I am talking about, here's an example of my problem:


    <link rel='index' title='WebsiteTitle' href='' />
    <link rel='next' title='Page2 Title' href='' />
    Page 2

    <link rel='index' title='WebsiteTitle' href='' />
    <link rel='prev' title='Page1 Title' href='' />
    <link rel='next' title='Page3 Title' href='' />