SEO Agency Market Research Q&A - I need some questions/input

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    Tomorrow I'm going to call business owners, not to sell but to introduce myself and my future company. At the minute our agency site, contracts, and the process are still being tuned - we are in the start-up phase. I want to take the time to do some market research on the industry in my area and get to know exactly what prospects want from an SEO company.

    I have put together a script and a small Q&A, with some basic questions which ill be asking once on the phone. I'd like to get some input/new questions to add from someone who has done this before. Maybe even spot out some flaws in my questioning, who knows! I'm pretty bad at the logistical process of this sort of stuff so any help is greatly appreciated. I ultimately want to make it as professional as possible.

    The end goal of this is to sell to them at a later date (introducing myself, making them a warm lead then coming back to them in a couple of months time).


    Have you invested in SEO services before?
    Did you see results/was you satisfied?
    What could they have done better?
    Is it something you would invest in again?

    What would make you choose an SEO agency over another?
    Are you currently investing in digital marketing?
    Does SEO interest you, do you plan on investing in the future?

    All the answers will be recorded.

    Thanks in advance for any responses. :)