SEO 3 subpages with similar content for three different countries

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    May 22, 2013
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    I had an idea for a website with guides on how to get different kind of licenses in different countries


    and so on

    The idea itself might not be good but it gave me a lot of interesting seo questions about having several pages on one site that focus on the same keywords but for different countries and I only want the different subpages to rank/show up in the country that the guide is relevant for.

    First of all since the main keywords and rules for getting a license can be similar in different countries the guides for UK, US and australia might be very similar.

    How will I set up a website like this without having google penalize me for having to many similar pages or to many pages focussing on the same keywords?

    Should I optimize one guide (lets say the US-guide) and then is there some kind of redirect so that google only sees this one and that this one has an SEO-title saying that it is the guide for UK, US and AU and then have links to the other guides from this guide?

    Anyone who has any creative ides?

    Thx guys