senuke/xrumer or similar software expert required show me how to make affiliate commisions

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    i want you to show me how to profit using software above or similiar software, must have experience and know how to profit consistantly using any of theses kinds of software.

    any similar software is fine, be it auto commenting software, forum commenting software.

    profits can be from any affiliate network,

    apply to the job with-

    1.setimated weekly profit long per week working to see profits,
    3.basic's of the system/idea used (eg use xrumer to make profits on a poker calcultor offer) many hours per day/week to see profits from system.( eg 1-2 hours a day to setup, should see profits in about a week)
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    Ill give you a simple method I use with xrumer.

    Blast your list of sites with xrumer, be it profiles, guestbooks whatever, place a link in your post that goes to a splash page with a cookie stuffer script. Make sure its a splash page going to a offer for a free sample, or $5 for first month type of thing. I do this twice a month and normally make a minimum of $400 in the first hour or so. Rinse and repeat. Remember with xrumer there is a ton of things and ways to make xrumer a cash machine but it takes alot of playing around. I just started experimenting with xrumer and blogs, made $100 on a 1hr test but obviously need to mess around with the formula a bit more to generate more cash. Ive been a user of alot of the seo tools so if you need help with one of them, or just want some general tips that work with some of them just let me know. Mikey

    Another trick to use with xrumer is same as above but also install a clickjacker in your splash page to make it so that where ever your visitor clicks, its also clicking a ad but they dont realize it. Make sure though that if you do this, that you don't buy some piece of crap script kiddie script. Buy a real one. I do this around once a month with awsome returns through adsense. I can go in more detail with you on this if you want to know more and how to protect yourself.
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