Senuke XCr + Brute Force SEO EVO 2 = dead. What are the best link building software 2013

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cTory, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Finding the most effective link building software is very frustrating. Senuke Xcr is not the only one I am talking about that is dead, other too like Brute Force SEO EVO 2, Venom Seo Pro, and Xgen seo are in the grave as well.

    In 2011, I used something called 3waylinks . net. In one week, 1000 visitors a day, then the next week, 2000 visitors per day. I don't why everyone on this forum back then was saying 3waylinks is junk, it is useless, it doesn't work. But why did it work for me? Later I used easy WP seo and got 1000 extra visitors. After the Google Peingin update 3waylinks and 1waylinks hit hard. Ever since that day, I cannot find a good link building tool, I just keep finding garbage.

    The only effective Seo software I can find today is Linkvana and money robot submitter. However, Linkvana is overprice, not only you have to pay 147 a month, but you have to pay for credits to obtain other services like social bookmarking, rss, press releases, edu, and gov, links. Money robot submitter, finally, a submitter that works. I can see the indexing and the directories from the search results to my urls. But the trial version is limited to 5 threads at a time. Ugh.

    Much as I hate rejections, many marketers have been complaining that Senuke have high rates of not indexing links. Just like I have been applying for jobs since I was 15, then permanently stop at 21. Never had one single job. Fast food, retail, warehouse, hotels, cleaning, landscaping, temp service, job affairs, you name it. Applied over 600+ openings, and not one single person on earth wants me.

    Similar to tier tools that you submit to. Sending 20 websites to 100+ different directories, and not a single one gets indexed. Waste of time, money, and catches. People say all the time you should get a job first, then do internet marketing. If no one wants to hire you in this world, what else the hell you do? Flea markets were the only places I could make cash offline, but 5000+ people walk by and only 25 buy stuff in the booth here, slow money.

    Anyway, my conclusion is, waht are the next seo softwares should I use? GSA SER & Scrapebox seems like my only hope now, however, I am afraid that my websites might get penalized. So can anyone help me out here?
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    man, cry me a river...

    nonetheless, you sound really down in the dumps...

    i am going to lay it out for you and let you know that for every success i have had in life and/or business, there are probably hundreds of failures to get to that one keep going, keep trying...

    its easy to fail, hard hard hard to succeed...
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    GSA is the best tool to use now a days. but make average links through it.