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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by coreygeer, Nov 1, 2011.

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    So I went ahead and decided to try out the SeNuke X Full Trial (The only thing not included in the full trial is the indexer).

    I haven't yet had a single crash, so I would say the stability of this program is pretty impressive. Captcha solving is not done by the program. I didn't quite care for the whole fact that you HAVE to buy Captcha solving through some random site that takes 30 minutes to process your order.

    What I Like:
    - Easy to use interface
    - Templates for marketing schemes
    - The fact it creates the e-mails for you and has proxies available for use
    - I guess a 50% success rate on accounts and what not through a proxy isn't too bad

    What I Do Not Like:
    - You have to buy your own Captcha solving service through them (it's cheap though)
    - Every other module, there's usually one site where it will just get stuck on and will never move past it. So unless I keep checking on it, it'll just sit there all day stuck on one particular site
    - The spinner is garbage. You either write your own articles or just use the spam of crap it produces
    - Most of the "success stories" on the forum it talks about, have an 8% rating in the forum and they honestly sound like paid sales pitches more than anything
    - I've ran 3 Full Monties on three different sites with 3 different niches
    The first 2 Full Monties received a total of 17 Pageviews total...

    I'm not sure what the third one has received yet.

    I won't be subscribing to it. The whole "make money while you sleep" catch phrase is what reels people in but for me, it won't run properly if I just turn it on and go to sleep due to it freezing on certain websites and it just sits there until I hit "Skip Selected Site".

    Worth the $160/Monthly charge? No, I don't think it is at all.
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    Feb 6, 2010
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    I'm on 2nd day with senuke X, had to try it cause there is huge buzz around it.

    I did full monty for my project, not sure how i did, havent checked how many is sticking... 2h ago i did own video diagram, video submission was utter carbage (yes profiles are created... but where is my videos???) as i only got 1 success video submission from video directories is contains.

    Noticed that senuke X gives alot false positives, yeah it marks stuff as "success!!!" but when you got to url and check out like web2.0 and video profiles, it doesnt have your content in it.

    One good thing in senuke is that the diagram lets you use your brains more lazily as you dont have to visualize it in your head and content generator is good aswell... tough it gives horrible spun content but i dont care cause my niche is low competition, for those who try to look remotely genuine, dont use spinner-content-generator.

    But i can see myself making cash with this... but because monthly cost is that high, it wont happen.
    I'm much more happier with venomseo :) go home team!
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    Oct 3, 2011
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    hey can you check the links with senuke x?
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    Use your own spinner and write your own stuff, downloading 4 articles and spinning them together is going to produce garbage every single time.

    You can use any of the captcha solving services compatible with SENuke X. These services are not affiliated with SENuke X, they're just compatible. DBC is good.
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    senuke x sucks if you make backlink direct to your money site
    if you have domainkeyword pointing to money site
    blast your domain keyword with senuke
    these day you need more effort to rank