SENuke VS Easy Blogger Creater Pro

SENuke VS Easy Blog Creator Pro

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Jan 5, 2009
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I am thinking of purchasing one of these pieces of software. I am looking for opinions on which one is better at what they do and that is creating blogs systematically.
no need to think so much mikeay2,

Go for SE Nuke !

Best of luck to your money earning route ;)
SENuke super buggy and only 1/2 works. DO NOT PAY FOR IT.
Senuke is really cool tool i personally have not tried blog creator pro but you can find some reviews on the forum on it.
I love SEnuke. Buggy, yes. But what else can do everything it does? If you know of anything, please please please tell me!!

Mikeay2 - you can get decent version of SEnuke here at BHW, up to version 4.13 if I'm not mistaken. 4.12 seems pretty stable and there is even a portable version of it for your thumbdrive.

Take it for a spin and see if it's for you.
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