Sending money from unverified canadian PP to verified PP doesn't work anymore?

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    Aug 18, 2014
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    Hi, I realize this is just my first post here, but I've been checking around and trying to learn from you guys more than I actually have anything to contribute so far, so I didn't really have much useful info so far..
    But I'm kinda having a problem, I followed some guide in setting up a canadian paypal account which is unverified and has a sending and recieving limit of 999 CAD, now here's my problem, I now have like 90 dollars on it since a couple of days, and now I'm trying to send that money to my regular paypal account from the netherlands which is verified and linked to a bankaccount, now I figured that despite being unveried, I'd still be able to send the money away to my regular paypal..
    However all I get when I try to do that is a calculation of the fees (which is fine) and then it asks for a captcha (no problemos), however, after that it tells me to verify the account using a creditcard (which was obviously not the intention).
    In the guides I've read up untill now it said that that wasn't necessary though, so did I miss something, did I do something wrong, or did paypal change their policies? :hmmmm2:
    I really want my :bling: