sending from doamin in outlook express?


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Aug 5, 2008
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I could use some advice fellow bh'trs... :)

(I was given feedback previous which was very informative and appreciated, but wasn't definitive)

I just got a "terms and conditions" (it may have been terms of service) "blocked from sending" message in outlook express from hotmail, anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I have hotmails forwarded to a main hotmail account, and that pop3 over to OE, and send replies from there

--- the master hotmail account and the 100 forwarded hotmails all created about 4 weeks ago
-- ip's were rotated during creation
-- I use outlook express pop3 to download and send replies
-- my reply message is basically a canned static reply with some changes and does have 2 links

-- I send using an alternate email address, that I added in the master hotmail as an "alternate send from" acct, (it's a yahoo address), and in the pop3 config in OE I use that as the "send from" that same yahoo address...

So maybe every few days I'll get anywhere from 15 to 50 messages over the month it has not been a tremendous amount (less than 1,000 in a month!) and I send them out one a at a time, though the pop3 in OE, so I'm not send out in large blocks.

a few days ago I sent out 10 and was required to log in to hotmail and catpka hotmail master acct?, then after about 10 more, again had to log in again and catpka, then after I sent out the next 3 bingo! message about terms of service and blocked from sending??

but I was curious (because of that issue I had) can I pop3 to OE from a master hotmail, (like I've been doing) and then to avoid issues, configure OE to send outbound smtp from a domain/host email address I have? I mean I believe I can, but will it work or be a problem for my existing domain/host?

( I assume the issue was with "sending" rather than what was pop3'd to OE) (and of course then I'm stuck and have a couple hundred messages in OE, but can't send them, I'm stuck!)

any info would be greatly appreciated thanks !

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