Send products to popular instagram girls to promote?

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    You know how you typically see a variety of models/girls on instagram promoting products like teeth whitener, protein powder, tea, bath scrubs, etc..? Even though there's typically nothing original about a lot of these and there's other alternatives, the brands still seem to do pretty well and gain a lot of customers due to that instagram presence.

    Well, soon I may start selling a product that falls into that same beauty/well-being category... Like the aforementioned products, it's nothing super new or anything, but with the right instagram presence and promotion to impressionable girls who follow these models (& guys I guess) I think it could sell pretty well.

    So that's why I'm thinking about using some instagram models for promos/product placement. Maybe some YouTubers too.

    First off, has anyone else here done this before? Is it worth it? I'm assuming for the more popular models, they only do it for a certain amount of money, right? Any idea for what they might charge? Yoventura, for example, is a super popular model who routinely promotes some of the products I mentioned.

    Examples in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

    Those girls are on the more popular side obviously. Not sure if I'd go all in with one of them, -OR- spread things out and go with a variety of girls but with half the likes/followers.
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    use instamole to find the best influencers for your hashtag, then dm the ones with a good follow ratio.. I've done it with a few niches worked okay .. 9/10 went well , the rest would just take it and slack on the post ... good luck